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Life Insurance
Greater Accumulation. More Value.
Fuel the opportunity for consistent returns and better outcomes by exploring Nationwide's transparent, low-cost New Heights IUL Accumulator 2020. Your clients will benefit from the proprietary uncapped accumulation and a design that delivers long-term performance.
Sam Rocke, Jon Elder
September 2021 • 36 minutes
Life Insurance
The Shift From Guarantees: How to Pivot
The move away from lifetime guarantees makes it necessary to pivot your business in a way that gives your clients upside potential and future flexibility. By leveraging certain IUL and VUL options, such as John Hancock's cash-value-driven products, clients can get more and pay less.
Sam Rocke, Justin Kemp
August 2021 • 31 minutes
Retirement Solutions
Create Liquidity with Income Alpha
There’s a misconception that annuities can limit liquidity. Using our exclusive JourneyGuide software and Income Alpha approach, we’ll demonstrate why annuities allow a portfolio to generate more income while using fewer assets. You'll increase revenue while taking assets out of the account.
Mike McGlothlin
Mike McGlothlin, Gary Moorman
August 2021 • 58 minutes
Long-Term Care
Day 3 - Long-Term Care University: Summer Session
Long-term care policies can only stand the test of time if the financial stability of insurance carriers is solid. In Day 3 of LTC University, we're joined by two experts who break down pricing basics and rate increases, carrier balance sheets, industry trends and more.
Chad Eyrich
July 2021 • 86 minutes
Long-Term Care
Day 2 - Long-Term Care University: Summer Session
Competency. Confidence. Credibility. These are the 3 Cs the CLTC training provides. In this LTC University session, we discuss ongoing training, resources for pre-underwriting, success stories with real clients and what to expect during the LTC claims process.
Chad Eyrich, Celeste Cobb, Matt Stieglitz
July 2021 • 96 minutes
Long-Term Care
Day 1 - Long-Term Care University: Summer Session
If you need motivation to find your “why” for long-term care planning, this is a can’t-miss session. We also cover what’s going on in the LTC market – from rate increases to Washington state legislation, the true cost of self-insuring and more.
Chad Eyrich, Annalee Kruger, Bryan Langdon
July 2021 • 96 minutes
Technology & Innovation
Ride the Wave: An Ash Innovation Event
A new website. A better tool for policy management. A new term insurance solution. You've shared feedback on what you need, and we've been working to make it happen. See how recent product launches can help make your business stronger, faster and more profitable.
Tim Ash, Todd Ruplinger
July 2021 • 33 minutes
Shifting Risk And Creating a Legacy
Retirement Solutions
Shifting Risk And Creating a Legacy
As problem solvers, it’s natural to want to lock down a plan that meets a client’s goal. But changing conditions require us to revisit solutions and determine if they are still the best choice. New legislation. Tax changes. Interest rates. See how life insurance provides an agile solution.
Mike McGlothlin
Mike McGlothlin, Sam Rocke
July 2021 • 41 minutes
Strictly-Business-DI-For-Business-Owners 2021-06
Disability Insurance
Strictly Business: DI Solutions for Business Owners
The workplace offers numerous disability insurance solutions available to both business owners and employees. Watch to see how DI strengthens businesses through buy-sell options, key person replacement, business overhead expense (BOE) and business loan protection (BLP).
Meghan Cormany, George Wilkins
June 2021 • 33 minutes
Top 5 Reasons Annuities Fit in Financial Planning
Retirement Solutions
Top 5 Reasons Annuities Fit in Financial Planning
Annuities protect income, grow assets and create lifetime value. Despite their occasional misuse, and how they can be portrayed by the media, annuities are an important part of financial planning. When used correctly, an annuity can increase the probability of retirement success.
Mike McGlothlin, Chad Eyrich, Kegan Morris
June 2021 • 38 minutes
Retirement Solutions
Social Security: When Should You Start Receiving Retirement Benefits?
With pensions disappearing, Social Security remains the major source of guaranteed lifetime retirement income for most Americans. Take time to explore your options and make an informed, well-reasoned decision about when to begin receiving your Social Security retirement benefits.
Randy Kitzmiller, John Duchien, Steve Schankerman
June 2021 • 62 minutes
Long-Term Care
The Current State of LTC: Cutting Through the Noise
There's no dispute — the long-term care insurance market has seen disruption in the past. Clients may have heard of rates dramatically increasing. But a properly structured policy, with today’s guarantees and managed expectations, can ensure coverage will work as planned.
Chad Eyrich, Bryan Langdon
May 2021 • 33 minutes