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Life Insurance
The Inside Scoop: What Two CEOs Think About the Future of Term
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the discussions shaping the term life insurance market. Using Legal and General America's new FlashTerm product as inspiration, you'll gain unparalleled insights from two industry leaders and be at the forefront of future innovation.
Tim Ash, Mark Holweger
February 2024 • 26 minutes
Helping Clients Maximize Social Security Income
Clients are typically misinformed about Social Security. And that leaves you with a key planning opportunity. Join us to unlock strategic planning opportunities that reduce potential tax exposure, maximize total value and pave the way for a secure retirement.
Randy Kitzmiller, Kegan Morris
February 2024 • 33 minutes
Practice Management
Ready, Set, Go for 2024
Life's milestones deserve to be insured. Learn tactical ways to grow your business by creating memorable moments with your clients. Sometimes the best growth strategies are ones you don’t need to learn. You just need the inspiration to get started.
Paul Kingsman
January 2024 • 31 minutes
WBN-2023-11-16-LTCU Banner
Long-Term Care
LTC University - Preparing for State-Mandated Coverage
LTC is making headlines as more states consider a tax for individuals without long-term care insurance. See why you should create a plan before it's mandated, how to keep the discussion rolling and ways to present an LTC quote clients will buy.
Stephen Denton, Bryan Langdon
November 2023 • 30 minutes
Retirement Solutions
Redefining the Optimal Retirement Income Strategy
Retirement success looks different today, and no one knows exactly what to expect in the future. But with better metrics, we can achieve better results. Join guest presenter David Blanchett as he uses his wealth of research on retirement models to close the gaps.
Mike McGlothlin, David Blanchett
November 2023 • 59 minutes
Retirement Solutions
Estimating the True Cost of Retirement
Retirement isn’t cheap. Preparing a solid plan starts with understanding the true cost — but calculating it is based on several variables, making it tough to estimate. Join guest presenter David Blanchett for a revised framework to guide your clients better.
Mike McGlothlin, David Blanchett
August 2023 • 60 minutes
WBN-2023-06-13-MED no-title
Medicare Solutions
How to Navigate the Medicare Maze
Clients nearing age 65 are bombarded with messaging about Medicare. Cut through the confusion and learn how our white-glove service can help you find the right solutions and discover ways to find Medicare opportunities throughout the year.
Carly Rosswurm
June 2023 • 27 minutes
Advanced Planning
Creating Urgency in Trust-Based Estate Planning
Prioritize your high-net-worth clients’ estate planning goals, while considering current macroeconomic factors. With current estate tax exemptions scheduled to sunset, we'll help accelerate your clients' decision-making process on trust financing options using life insurance.
Steven Gates, Caroline Brooks
May 2023 • 37 minutes
Disability Insurance
Income Protection: Moving from Awareness to Action
It’s the foundation of their financial plan. Is the foundation secure? With individual disability insurance, you can provide comprehensive, competitive income protection for your client’s greatest asset – their ability to earn a paycheck.
Tim Kukieza
Tim Kukieza
May 2023 • 33 minutes
Retirement Solutions
How Advisors are Generating More Income with Less
Using three case studies, we'll demonstrate practical techniques to help clients reduce the risk of running out of money, shield an investment portfolio from economic turmoil and protect retirement income from long-term care expenses.
Mike McGlothlin
April 2023 • 17 minutes
Retirement Solutions
Go All-In on Social Security Planning
We've seen many advisors use the Registered Social Security Analysts program to fully integrate Social Security planning into their practice. Now it's your turn! Learn how to leverage misunderstood reductions and credits, bridge the basics with advanced planning and build referrals.
Mike McGlothlin, Thomas Drapala
March 2023 • 48 minutes
Retirement Solutions
Create a New Revenue Stream with No Prospecting
We'll take you through recent case studies to show you what makes our Annuity Audit process different. You'll walk away ready to choose Ash to help you start a new dialog, add credibility and impact your bottom line.
Mike McGlothlin, Jim Dobler
March 2023 • 32 minutes