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Retirement Solutions
Create a New Revenue Stream with No Prospecting
We'll take you through recent case studies to show you what makes our Annuity Audit process different. You'll walk away ready to choose Ash to help you start a new dialog, add credibility and impact your bottom line.
Mike McGlothlin, Jim Dobler
March 2023 • 32 minutes
Advanced Planning
How to Master Benefit Restoration Planning
Implement restoration planning with your business-owner clients! This 201-level session will walk you through how to target the right clients, position an opportunity and avoid common sale mistakes so you can be prepared to start offering this important solution.
Matt Erpelding
Matt Erpelding, Jack Leavy
February 2023 • 26 minutes
Life Insurance
3 Term Time-Savers Your Clients Wish You Knew
With improved underwriting pre-screening and product enhancements, instant decision has changed the way your clients can get term insurance coverage. We'll highlight the best carriers and outline the ideal client profile, so your clients can get coverage on the spot.
Sam Rocke
February 2023 • 21 minutes
Working With Ash
Ready, Set, Go with Ash Brokerage
Too often, we get told "I didn't know you did that" — even from some of our top partners. And with all the resources we've launched, it's easy to have missed something that can help your business grow. Here's a quick look at Ash's best-kept-secret tools and services.
Tim Ash, Mike McGlothlin, Bryan Langdon, Randy Kitzmiller, Carly Rosswurm, Jonathan Knowles, Brian Lauber, George Wilkins, Matt Erpelding, Sam Rocke, Austin Ash, Thomas Losher, Thad Smith, Haley Chaires, Kristin Snyder, Jason O’Barr, Jim Dobler, Kim Carpenter
January 2023 • 31 minutes
Long-Term Care
LTC University - Fall 2022
This is your cram course from start to finish for helping your clients plan for LTC. Learn from our visiting professors, expert instructors outside of Ash for a different perspective, including what the carriers are seeing.
Stephen Denton, Bryan Langdon, Matt Redick, Tim Vannoy, Rob Johnson, Amy Lozier
October 2022 • 80 minutes
Protecting-Business-Owners-With-Disability-Insurance banner
Disability Insurance
Protecting Business Owners with Disability Insurance
Business owners have a lot to think about, so disability insurance is not top of mind. But DI makes businesses stronger. Get the right technique to position yourself as a trusted expert, offer solutions to both owners and employees, and protect their future.
Tim Kukieza
Tim Kukieza
September 2022 • 34 minutes
Medicare Solutions
Insurance Unscripted: Medicare Solutions
Medicare isn't the focus for most advisors, but it's something clients need as they enter retirement. We'll break down the basic dos and don’ts of Medicare planning so you'll know what's covered, what options clients have and where to refer opportunities.
Toni Kaplan
Carly Rosswurm, Toni Kaplan
September 2022 • 32 minutes
Life Insurance
Insurance Unscripted: Indexed Universal Life (IUL)
It's time to better understand, explain and get more out of IUL. Indexed universal life insurance can get a bad rap. Some see it as complicated and hard to understand, but with proper planning, it can be one of the most transparent solutions for growth.
Sam Rocke, Thomas Losher
August 2022 • 29 minutes
Advanced Planning
Employee Retention Strategies That Work
Life insurance-based reward and retention are the answer to providing key non-owner employees an efficient pre-tax solution for retirement savings. In this webinar, we use Principal’s new executive carve-out, guaranteed issue term program as a solution.
Matt Erpelding
Matt Erpelding, Patti Bell, CPA, CLU
August 2022 • 41 minutes
Disability Insurance
Insurance Unscripted: Disability Insurance
As the American workplace continues to change, the disability insurance industry is also evolving. Tune in to hear how the story has shifted, how to find opportunities and why DI still one of the most important parts of a sound financial plan.
Tim Kukieza
Tim Kukieza, Steven Bressler
August 2022 • 32 minutes
Retirement Solutions
Discover Luma: A Trusted Platform for Managing Annuities
Through tailored risk tolerance, side-by-side comparisons and supporting marketing materials, you’ll know that your product choice is suitable and be able to recommend with confidence. Learn more about the new Ash Annuity Hub — powered by Luma!
Megan Easton, Jay Charles
July 2022 • 34 minutes
Advanced Planning
Estate Planning in an Uncertain Environment
Discover three estate planning strategies using life insurance we see working today and into the future. Ranging from simple to advanced planning, the concepts can help clients create a legacy and take a wealth transfer action without delay.
Sam Rocke, Tracey Ullom
July 2022 • 35 minutes