Straightforward solutions. For every part of the LTC process.

Long-term care is more than a sale. It’s a discussion about health, lifestyle, family and how your clients want to spend their final years. Having a plan is important. Don’t navigate it alone.

Having the conversation

Clients have concerns. Be prepared with answers! Here are three approaches to opening a dialog and responding to common objections. Learn the right questions to ask and what to listen for.

Identifying clients

Different people. Different approaches. Motivations change as clients age, and everyone brings different circumstances to the table. Make sure you’re talking to clients who are ready to plan.

Finding funding

From idle cash flow to various asset classes, there is usually a way to create leverage. It’s possible to share at least some of the risk of longevity with an insurance company - without sacrificing lifestyle.

You’re surrounded by support

Got a question on long-term care? Need an expert? Need someone who is looking out for your clients and your business? Just Ask.

LTC Product Options
More options than ever before

The long-term care market has evolved. As an advisor, the key is understanding what choices your clients have, and when they’re appropriate, so you can guide them through the decision-making process. Traditional, standalone long-term care can provide a large benefit pool for care, while linked benefit policies can provide additional policy leverage.

Med supp ill
Medicare Solutions
Supplement your existing opportunities

Clients nearing age 65 are bombarded with messaging about Medicare. It’s new to them. It’s confusing. They need a partner. They need you.

At age 65, Medicare Supplements are guaranteed issue – no one can be turned down. It’s an easy way to start new planning conversations while supplementing the 20% of medical costs not covered by Medicare.

Plus, Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans can help provide funding for vision, dental and drugs. We’ll get you comfortable with offering the different components of Medicare insurance policies.

Ltc discussion tool recommendation ash brokerage adjusted6 Ltc discussion tool recommendation ash brokerage
LTC is complicated. Our tools are easy.

You use digital tools to find a ride, communicate with your kids or even order a cup of coffee. And you can use technology to simplify one of the most complex issues clients are facing.

Life preview icon black heavy
LTC PreView

An underwriting pre-screening questionnaire that you can send directly to your clients. You’ll not only avoid potentially awkward conversations, but you’ll also ensure you have the right product quoted at the right price, right from the start.

Ltc tool icon black heavy
LTC Discussion Tool

Walk your clients through the LTC conversation, step by step. This tool will make the conversation easier for everyone and help you document your clients’ goals and wishes.

A profitable partnership

You’re ready for a partnership that provides individualized support and a commitment to work with you the way you want. See how we work together.

Frequently Asked Questions
Questions? Ash Answers.

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about long-term care. For additional questions, check out our FAQ page.

How do I get a long-term care quote?

Your goal for an initial long-term care planning conversation should be to simply confirm the need to create a plan. Don't make it about price or start with a quote for an insurance-based product.

If you've had a good conversation that led to the possibility of using long-term care insurance, we'd love to talk to you about your client's goals, funding strategies and health. You can call us, use the LTC PreView tool on the Ash Advisor Portal, or start by completing our LTC quote request form.

Will my client qualify for long-term care?

LTC underwriting depends on what medical conditions your client has and how well-controlled they are. Although we can’t be sure of what’s in a client’s records, pre-qualifying your client is the best way to get a realistic idea of approval. Our LTC PreView tool is a great way place start.

How do I get contracted through Ash to sell LTC?

Everything is done online through an electronic contracting system called SureLC. You'll want to log in to the Advisor Portal. From the homepage, click on the Contracting tile, then choose Online Contracting.

For the initial setup, your information pulls directly from the National Insurance Producer Registry – it may be as easy as verifying no changes are needed or completing your profile that includes submitting your signature card, Errors and Omission coverage, AML, and if directly paid, direct deposit information.

After setting up your initial profile with our online contracting system, you can request additional insurance carrier contracts at the click of a button. You can also update any contracting documents such as AML, E&O, or bank information. No more unnecessary duplication of efforts, redundant questions or searching for up-to-date paperwork. It’s fast, paper-free, and it’s always available when you need it.

If you need help, our Commissions and Contracting team is available to make sure the insurance process never stands in the way of progress.

Can you help me explain the illustration to my client?

We are available to join you on client calls and walk you and your client through the different parts of an illustration, answer questions and help you both feel confident about what’s being quoted. Just talk to our LTC team to schedule time.

Which long-term care solution is best for my client?

That depends on your client’s goals and funding. Talk with your client about what they want to do and then select the type of coverage that meets those goals best.