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DI Basics & Beyond: Individual and Multi-Life

May 2024  |  33 minutes
This webinar is for financial professionals only.

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Whether you’re new to the disability insurance space, or you’re looking to expand your understanding, take 30 minutes to catch this webinar. We discuss strategies on how to effectively position income protection within your client portfolios, including:

Individual DI

Learn about the crucial elements of DI policies, how to tackle common objections and underwriting concerns head-on and discover the wealth of resources and support available through the Ash DI team.

Multi-Life DI

We illustrate its significance and what a compelling case looks like. You’ll leave with an understanding of the capabilities Ash brings to the table and uncover how it can revolutionize your approach to client income protection.

Tim Kukieza
Featured Speaker

Tim Kukieza is passionate about the income protection he helps to put in place. Tim knows whether you're an individual or a business owner, having DI coverage will dramatically and positively impact clients’ lives when they need it most.

Featured Speaker

George Wilkins has one goal – to be your go-to partner for income protection. With his 20+ years of experience, George is able to restructure policies to maximize designs, benefit amounts and benefit periods.