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Generational Planning, Creativity and The SECURE Act

Focusing on the next generation and guiding them through the impact of The SECURE Act is vital when it comes to retaining clients and keeping assets with your practice.


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Success After The Secure Act is Possible (You Just Need to Know the Right Questions to Ask)

By always asking these three important questions, you’ll make sure to steer your clients clear of the hidden traps within the Secure Act.


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How To Choose Clients Who Want to Plan for LTC

At any age, your strongest prospects are those that have seen first-hand a loved one experience a long-term event. They’re planners. They believe in insurance products and the protection they offer. And they can to afford to purchase those products.




Identifying Clients for Long-Term Care

We’ll help you focus on clients who are more likely to consider funding a plan (with or without insurance), broken down by key milestones and age brackets.


Make the Move From Tax-Deferred to Tax-Free

An income strategy that can create a multigenerational gift, without life insurance, and improve retirement success? see how the IncomeSource® SPIA from Integrity gets it done.


Finding Funding for Long-Term Care

Don’t let your client’s plan be unintentional. There is usually a way to create leverage and share at least some of the risk of longevity with an insurance company.


Optimize Retirement Income Using Life Insurance

In just 30 minutes, you'll be confident that life insurance isn’t just a tool for when clients die – it’s a powerful resource for those living life in retirement.


LTC + Retirement: Why Planning Matters

Increasing longevity is one of the greatest threats to a secure retirement – especially if long-term care is needed. But with proper planning, it doesn’t have to be a portfolio killer.

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