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Don’t Blend In. Stand Out.

If you do the same thing as others or stick to the outdated strategies used in the past, you will get the same results. It’s time to transform your business and step out in front.


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Creating a Successful Disability Buy-Out Plan

The key here is to help your client create a formal written plan, regardless of how they decide to fund it. In many cases, disability insurance is the answer. But even if it’s not, just having a plan is what matters.


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Generate More Income with Fewer Assets

It’s time to execute on Income Alpha strategies that both increase the outcomes for many Americans while creating a long-term increase in revenues and assets under management.




Income Strategies to Last Generations

An income strategy that can create a multigenerational gift, without life insurance, and improve retirement success - see how the IncomeSource® SPIA from Integrity gets it done.


Making the Long-Term Care Conversation Simple

We’ll help walk you through how to talk about long-term care, no matter who your client is. Planning for long-term care is more than a sale. It’s a discussion about health, lifestyle, family and how your clients want to spend their final years.


What we learned from 2019 Policy Outcomes (and what you can learn, too)

What were some of the most successful outcomes in 2019? We take a look at three different case studies, each one providing a solution to a different need.

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