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Retirement Trends For 2019

2019 is barreling down upon us. Forecasts are being projected. Goals are being proclaimed. Trends are being set – even in the retirement industry.


Risks in Retirement

One of the largest risks in retirement is a long-term care event. Mike shares two winning strategies you can implement as an advisor to help clients make it through retirement with confidence. 


Plan to Win

When was the last time you practiced your free throws? Hear Mike explain how you can practice your free throws as a financial professional.


Complementing Wealth Transfer

You’re not a one-trick pony. Go beyond retirement planning to offer strategies that complement wealth transfer. 

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Why Spouses May Want to Consider Joint LTC

Spouses share a lot of things – house, cars, kids, bank accounts. Why not long-term care insurance?


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Stop Saying, “I Don’t Have Time”

At the end of the day, you have the same amount of time as everyone else. Some people simply use their time more wisely, effectively and efficiently than others.


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Linked Benefit Explained in 1-2-3

Essentially, a linked-benefit policy has three components ...




The Technology that is Changing Long-Term Care

LTC is Complicated. These Tools are Easy. You use digital tools to find a ride, communicate with your kids or even order a cup of coffee.


Funding Life for Multiple Generations

The holidays are over, but life insurance is the multi-generational gift that keeps on giving. Register now to learn how to structure a policy to ensure their legacy lasts.

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