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Racing to Retirement

The same themes come up again and again for serving clients: knowledge. answers. speed. trust. See how it all comes together to get to the finish line.


Achieving Greatness Through Trust

The financial services industry faces a trust issue. Mike shares his winning strategies to achieve greatness through building trust.


The Luck of the Game

It’s almost sinister to compare retirement to a game – but it is. You want to win.



Help your clients make the best decision to take longevity risks off the table. 

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Principle-Based Reserving and 2017 CSO

Upcoming Changes and What They Mean to You


Blog Message

More Prospects to Meet

Three simple changes to create an ongoing flow of high-quality people that want to speak to you due to your expertise.




Finding Funding for Long-Term Care

Don’t let your client’s plan be unintentional. There is usually a way to create leverage and share at least some of the risk of longevity with an insurance company.


Rising Income: Power Protector Plus FIA

Many individuals are turning to AIG’s Power Protector Plus FIA that offers a rising income stream they can count on to help maintain their lifestyle in retirement.

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