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7 Questions to Test Your Social Security Knowledge

Consider the questions below and share your answers with your advisor. The difference between what you know, and what you don’t, could be the key to a successful retirement.

LTC Tax Strategy for Business Owners

Unlike individuals, businesses are not subject to age-based limitations that determine if a long-term care policy is tax-deductible. Even if a company is set up as an S-corp, partnership or sole proprietorship, LTC policies have key tax savings that businesses shouldn’t overlook.

Get More Out Of Your Business

Discovery 30 ways to create a strategic approach to growth by partnering with the Ash Retirement Solutions team. Through these complimentary, value-add services, we'll develop a plan focused on the specific critical success factors that matter to you.

Executive and Professional Income Restoration Plan

Most group coverage plans pay a percentage of the employee's salary based on the program's coverage limits. These benefits are also taxable, reducing the percentage of covered income. Make your client's income protection whole by adding individual coverage to their group plan.

Meaningful Portfolio Protection Using An Idle Asset

Do you know anyone sitting on their existing nonqualified annuity even though they do not need it for income during retirement? See how this couple transferred their nonqualified annuity to a linked benefit annuity to pay for long-term care.

Executive Carve-Out

An executive income protection carve-out program might be just the thing for your business owner clients to consider when exploring employee retention strategies. It not only helps the executive in the case of an injury or illness, but it also gives the business a boost if they need to call in extra help.

Creating a Multi-Functional Strategy Using an Existing Whole Life Policy

Do you know anyone with a whole life policy that could be repositioned? Learn how this client used her existing whole life policy that she purchased to grow cash value to leave a legacy and protect herself against future long-term care costs.

Ash Annuity Audit Sample Output Report

This is one situation in life where you really do know what you're gonna get. Download a sample output of our Ash Annuity Audit to see what's included in the analysis. It will help you help your clients understand their current annuity contracts and identify potential next steps.

Product-Based Restricted Bonus Plan

A Restricted Bonus Plan is a combination of three planning tools: a Section 162 bonus plan, a restricted endorsement and an employment contract. The combination of these elements creates an attractive benefit for key employees while providing the employer with control.

Accelerated Underwriting Fluidless Carriers

Fluidless, accelerated, express, simplified – no matter the words you use, one thing is certain: More and more insurance companies are offering streamlined underwriting processes. This cheat sheet will give you an overview of the programs available and if your clients qualify.

Business Continuation General Partnership Buy Sell

Buy-sell agreements are frequently funded with life insurance, assuring that if an owner dies, the surviving family has a buyer with the cash to pay a fair price. Whether it's as stock redemption or cross-purchase agreement, it will help remaining owners retain control of the business.

A Strategy for Any Market

There are higher risk products with potential for higher returns, and products with lower risk and lower returns. Somewhere in between, fixed annuities and fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) provide a strategy for any market – to protect assets while providing potential for additional interest.