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Protecting Gains with a Fixed Indexed Annuity

A fixed index annuity can be an elite player to your client's retirement income lineup. And with this easy-to-understand game plan, you can tackle all the ins and outs of FIAs and learn how to put them in play.

Life Events Timeline

As clients age, their insurance needs change based on life events. From foundation to final expenses, this timeline will help you quickly guide a conversation and identify opportunities based on different life stages including protection, foundation, accumulation and legacy.

Structuring Life Insurance Policy Ownership

There's no "one size fits all" answer for deciding who should own a life insurance policy that is being used for estate planning purposes. But, these considerations can help you compare beneficiary-owned and trust-owned policies to get the discussion started.

Comparing Today's Long-Term Care Alternatives

Clients have more choices for long-term care planning than ever before. As an advisor, the key is understanding what they are and when they’re appropriate, so you can guide them through the decision-making process. This chart highlights the pros and cons of four common solutions.

Accelerated Underwriting Fluidless Carriers

Fluidless, accelerated, express, simplified – no matter the words you use, one thing is certain: More and more insurance companies are offering streamlined underwriting processes. This cheat sheet will give you an overview of the programs available and if your clients qualify.

The Foundation to All Financial Plans

A financial plan has many important pieces, but your client’s ability to earn an income makes everything else possible. People insure their homes, cars and personal property, yet fail to insure the thing that makes it all possible. See how to protect their income with disability insurance.

A Guide to Income Protection

Disability insurance works for your clients when they can’t. It keeps their families in their homes, children going to school and future plans in motion. This guide walks you through the need for DI, how to identify clients, key questions to ask to start the conversation and next steps.

Long-Term Care PreView Tool

LTC PreView ensures you have the right product, with the right carrier, quoted at the right price – no awkward conversations, frustrating delays or reselling needed. See how to use our pre-underwriting tool to send your clients a personalized, secure long-term care questionnaire.

Ash Term Express Avoid Surprises

We’re committed to keeping term life insurance straightforward and simple. And for term insurance, one of the best ways to do that is to let your clients know what to expect. Here’s what you’ll need to find out from your client to submit a case through Ash Term Express.

Comparison of Asset Alternatives

You may get questions comparing the benefits of an annuity vs a CD. Or compared to a money market, bond or equity fund. This cheat sheet provides a quick reference to the features, fees, taxation and commissions of eight common types of assets your clients may consider.

Why Own an Annuity

There are many reasons to buy annuities. Choosing the right annuity is important in helping clients reach their financial goals. Whether that's income, accumulation, long-term care coverage or legacy planning, a review of their current goals will ensure an alignment for success.

Ash Annuity Audit Consumer Guide

This piece encourages clients to take a step back and meet with you to review their existing annuity contracts. It highlights the potential benefits of newer products, as well as when it's a good time to perform a review. See how the Ash Annuity Audit can help start a conversation.