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Life and Health Guaranty Associations

Most states have guaranty funds to help pay the claims of financially impaired insurance companies. State laws specify the lines of insurance covered by these funds and the dollar limits payable. This cheat sheet summarizes the max liability limits broken down by state.

Matching Client Concerns to Annuities

Every product recommendation begins with a conversation. In this cheat sheet, we take five key areas of concern and help you review life events that clients may be working through. The provided discussion points for each can lead to implementing a strategy with an annuity.

Estate Tax Projection — Customized Proposal

Support a conversation about what federal estate taxes could apply given a client's level of wealth. Request your custom proposal for a straight-line projection of future values for up to three categories of assets comprising a client's taxable estate.

Accelerated Underwriting Fluidless Carriers

Fluidless, accelerated, express, simplified – no matter the words you use, one thing is certain: More and more insurance companies are offering streamlined underwriting processes. This cheat sheet will give you an overview of the programs available and if your clients qualify.

Get More Out Of Your Business

Discover 30 ways to create a strategic approach to growth by partnering with the Ash Retirement Solutions team. Through these complimentary, value-add services, we'll develop a plan focused on the specific critical success factors that matter to you.

A Gift for Generations

Your clients may be planning to leave assets to children and grandchildren. But they can gift more than just cash. With life insurance, clients can combine cash value growth potential with death benefit protection for a tax-efficient gift that keeps on giving. See how it works.

Understanding Early Retirement and Social Security Income

Many clients choose to take Social Security income early. Clients want their money as soon as possible, or have concerns about the future of the system. But, the timing of when benefits are turned on can have a big impact on retirement income.

Collect and Accumulate Retirement Assets Through IRAs

If your clients are holding all their retirement assets in defined contribution plans or institutional IRAs, they’re at a financial disadvantage. See why these plans can cause problems if your client has enough assets to begin to consider individualized financial and estate planning.

Preserve Family Land

Landowners often have a deep appreciation for their ranch, farm, forest, wetland or other property – and have concerns about the long-term welfare of the land. A conversation easement can help protect the land while life insurance can replace lost market value for the estate.

State-Mandated LTC: What You Need To Know

Long-term care is a changing story. And as LTC costs continue to rise, states are looking for ways to shift expenses back to the consumer. Here's what you need to know right now about current state-mandated plans, the states researching plans and how private LTC can help.

A Quick Start To Income Protection

There are five things you need to know to effectively sell disability insurance. This brief eBook covers who you should talk to, what companies offer coverage, key terms you should know, how to get started and why income protection matters to you and your clients.

Real Benefits of Indexed Annuities

In years when the S&P 500® Index is negative, fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) can be a client's hardest-working asset. Supported by a minimum guarantee, FIAs provide an opportunity to accumulate value on the appreciation of the S&P, without losing premium when the S&P was negative.