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The Impact of Market Value Adjustment

Annuities introduce a complex interplay of risks for insurers and annuity holders, such as the potential for withdrawals during low investment market values. Check out these scenarios to see how Market Value Adjustment features work and how they can help the annuity holder share the risk.

Disability Insurance PreView Tool

Don't create a false expectation based on a best-case scenario. With DI PreView, you can email or text your clients a personalized, secure questionnaire to get an accurate snapshot of their health history so you can recommend the right product quoted at the right price.

Advisor Guide to Multi-Life Income Protection

Businesses struggle to retain key employees, and an often-overlooked area is income protection. Multi-life DI can close the income gap and incentivize employees to stay. Determining if additional coverage is needed is simpler than you think – and so is the process!

Multi-Life Income Protection

Business owners are looking for ways to attract and retain key employees, and sometimes group LTD is not enough. With multi-life disability coverage, business owners can protect more income for their key employees. Here's what to look for and three steps to get started.

Real Benefits of Indexed Annuities

In years when the S&P 500® Index is negative, fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) can be a client's hardest-working asset. Supported by a minimum guarantee, FIAs provide an opportunity to accumulate value on the appreciation of the S&P, without losing premium when the S&P was negative.

How to Use Our Customer Experience Team to Your Advantage

Your path to success starts with our Client Experience team. From what to expect on your first call to an overview of the Ash's resources – they'll make sure you have everything you need to navigate your partnership with Ash. Here's how you can use the team to your advantage.

Institutionally Priced Corporate Owned Life Insurance

Many things keep business owners up at night, including taxation and protecting against the loss of key employees. Corporate-owned life insurance (COLI) can help with both. In this solution, we'll look at COLI as an institutionally priced cash value life insurance product.

Funding Permanent Insurance with an Immediate Annuity

Here's a funding solution for clients who seek the protection of permanent life insurance, with the added benefits of an indexed universal life. Using a SPIA to fund the IUL, they can potentially increase death benefits while maximizing cash value for withdrawal opportunities.

Income Access Comparison - CDs vs Annuities

For clients who rely on interest from CDs for retirement income, annuities may provide a better alternative. A single premium immediate annuity (SPIA) with a full return of premium (ROP) rider can generate significantly more annual lifetime income. In this example, 6x higher!

Maximize Your DI Business with Multi-Life

Here's your how-to guide for multi-life disability insurance – an untapped solution for an unmet need. Unlock the potential of multi-life DI and discover the best businesses to target, how to gather the needed information and how to get the policies approved.

Ash Brokerage Workflow Chart

From initial case design to underwriting support and advanced marketing strategies, our dedicated team will guide you toward optimal outcomes for your clients. Use this flow chart to see how we can help you through every step of the insurance process.

Is LIRP Right for Your Client?

Unlike an annuity, which offers straightforward guaranteed payments, a LIRP (life insurance retirement plan) is a little more nuanced and not for everyone. Use this flow chart to find out if your client is a fit.