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IUL Caps Versus Cap Gains

Looking at an indexed universal life policy, it's easy to get hung up on the fact that the IUL’s cap rate could be changed by the issuing insurance carrier. But it's not much different than the IRS changing cap gains tax rates on clients' nonqualified investment accounts

Nonqualified Annuities for LTC Planning

There’s a good chance you have clients with nonqualified annuities that aren’t part of their retirement income plan. These annuities can be a viable funding option when it comes to creating a long-term care plan. Getting started takes a single, simple question to your client.

Why Long-Term Care Insurance? Executive Summary

Realizing how the need for long-term care may affect the workplace, smart employers are making themselves aware of what LTC is, how it works and how they can better help protect their employees. This executive summary will help business owners consider the options on the table.

Tax Efficient Legacy Planning

Currently, an estate is not subject to the federal estate tax until it exceeds $11,580,000 (double for married taxpayers). In 2026, the current exemption will sunset, effectively cutting the amount in half. This piece looks at four options to protect your client's legacy before that happens.

A Guide to Ash Term Express

Nobody likes filling out a 50-page term insurance application. And now you don’t have to. Ash Term Express takes the paperless, digital experience a step further. Everything you need to write a term life application is in one place, regardless of which carrier you chose.

Ash Annuity Audit - Creating Assurance and Opportunity

A lot can change in a few years – the market, your clients’ goals and their financial needs. Our Ash Annuity Audit provides a third-party annuity contract review and analysis to help you build trust and deepen relationships. See how it works and the opportunities it can uncover.

Annuity Audit Fact Finder

The Annuity Audit review is designed to analyze your clients’ current in-force annuities and provide you with an understanding of your clients’ current contracts, allowing you to evaluate appropriate options. This form will help you get the facts to start.

Why Ash Instant

Competitive pricing. A high instant issue face amount. An immediate decision for those who qualify, with no labs or medical exams. Ash Instant is a great option for clients seeking term life insurance coverage. Check out this overview of policy features and see if fits your clients.

Ash Instant How-To Guide

It's easy to use Ash Instant for your client's next term insurance policy. This reference sheet strips down the process into five steps highlighting where to click and what to look for on the Ash Brokerage Advisor Portal.

Business Continuation General Partnership Buy Sell

Buy-sell agreements are frequently funded with life insurance, assuring that if an owner dies, the surviving family has a buyer with the cash to pay a fair price. Whether it's as stock redemption or cross-purchase agreement, it will help remaining owners retain control of the business.

Tax Efficient Planning for the Future

If costs are equal, who would your clients rather pay - the government or an insurance company? This conversation starter helps you identify the right clients for cash value life insurance and covers the key advantages of moving money into the right product at the right structure.

Maximizing Retained Earnings for C Corps

When corporate tax rates are lower than individual income tax rates, owners seek to retain capital in their businesses. Many keep a large part of their working capital in conservative, liquid assets but should consider maximum funding corporate-owned cash value life insurance.