Medicare Solutions
Navigating the Nuances of Medicare
If you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of Medicare, getting the right coverage can be a challenge. Learn how this advisor tapped into an expert and found a way to exchange his client’s Medicare Advantage plan to something that fit the needs of his changing health.
Carly Rosswurm
September 2023 • 1-min read
Retirement Solutions
Free Up Assets with Annuity Audit
If your client is looking for a higher income payout in retirement than what their current annuity is offering, you need to consider other options. See how the Ash Annuity Audit can make the evaluation process simple and help you uncover more solutions.
Randy Kitzmiller
August 2023 • 1-min read
DI ML Case Study
Disability Insurance
Close the Gap with Multi-Life Disability Insurance
A multi-life disability plan might be the solution for business owners struggling to retain key employees. With discounts and simplified underwriting, multi-life is ideal for small business owners with at least five executives.
George Wilkins
May 2023 • 1-min read
Case Study Graphic: Safety for the Long Term
Retirement Solutions
Safety for the Long Term
With reinvestment comes risk. Instead, offer your clients tax deferred growth and peace of mind with an annuity. And by locking in the high rates currently being offered, you can guarantee more income for later.
Mike McGlothlin
April 2023 • 0-min read
Annuity Audit 1200x752
Retirement Solutions
The Power of Annuity Audit
Reevaluating your clients' current portfolios allows you to determine if their goals have changed and if their retirement solutions need to change as well. Working with Annuity Audit makes the process straightforward--for you and them.
Brendon Kelly
October 2022 • 1-min read
Advanced Planning
Success Outcomes: 457(f) Non-Profit Deferred Compensation
Many business owners are looking for creative ways to retain their key employees. For non-profits, which have limits on the type of plans they can pursue, a 457(f) deferred compensation plan could be the solution they have been searching for.
Matt Erpelding
Matt Erpelding
July 2022 • 1-min read
Retirement Readiness 1200x752
Retirement Solutions
Growing Your Business with Lead Generation
Finding qualified leads is difficult — even for advisors with time and marketing knowledge. Here's how Ash’s lead generation services can help.
Mike McGlothlin
June 2022 • 1-min read
Retirement Solutions
Consider a Fixed Indexed Annuity Instead of a CD
Help your conservative clients earn a higher return than they would with a CD, while still offering guarantees to protect their investment. The answer? A fixed annuity.
Brendon Kelly
April 2022 • 1-min read
Ray Age 80
Retirement Solutions
Using Multiple SPIAs to Create a Legacy
It's important to help your clients plan to leave a legacy to all their heirs, whether that's several grandchildren, children or charities. Combining multiple policies with joint ownership is one way to do that.
Brendon Kelly
March 2022 • 0-min read
Mike and Lisa
Life Insurance
Combine Life Insurance and Annuities to Create a Legacy
Combining a second-to-die life insurance policy with an annuity is a strategy to plan for retirement and also create a more tax-efficient legacy for your client's heirs.
Brendon Kelly
March 2022 • 1-min read
Ash Instant Case Study
Life Insurance
Adding Instant Decision Term to a Disability Sale
Take the wait out of term life insurance with Ash Instant. Available exclusively through Ash Brokerage, you can quote, apply and get a decision in about 10 minutes. Discover how it works for one of Ash's advisors, and think of clients and situations that you can put it to use with.
Kim Carpenter
March 2022 • 2-min read
Life Insurance
Ash Express
Ash Express is more than just a way to submit a term application. It's a complete system designed to guide you through the entire process, including helping your client qualify for the most streamlined underwriting possible.
Maria Sarci
August 2021 • 1-min read