Retirement Solutions
The QLAC Strategy for Deferring RMDs
For clients not interested in taking RMDs at age 72, a QLAC can help. Defer IRA payments - and taxes - up to age 85.
Mike McGlothlin
June 2024 • 1-min read
Long-Term Care
Long-Term Care Strategy for Business Owners
For business owners, a long-term care plan can be a game changer – offering substantial tax advantages that individuals might not qualify for. Discover how leveraging their business's structure helped this couple enhance their financial planning and provide peace of mind for the future.
Matt Stieglitz
May 2024 • 1-min read
How to Fight Premium Fatigue Website Thumbnail
Long-Term Care
How to Fight Premium Fatigue
A cash value life insurance policy may have been a good fit for your client at the time, but needs often change – making them feel like they are paying premiums for coverage they no longer need. One way to fight the premium fatigue is to exchange the policy to fund their long-term care plan.
Stephen Denton
April 2024 • 1-min read
Retirement Solutions
How an Annuity Audit Unlocks Hidden Potential
Clients who have an existing annuity might have changed their goals – putting their retirement and financial security at risk. By leveraging an Ash Annuity Audit, you can identify opportunities that will realign their assets with their objectives, optimize outcomes and fortify their financial security.
Jim Dobler
April 2024 • 1-min read
Advanced Planning
Estate Tax Planning: Considering State Taxes Can Benefit Your Clients
You're probably aware of the federal state tax exemption sunsetting in 2026. But did you know that many states also have state estate taxes, which aren't going to sunset? Here's how one couple leveraged the tax-free death benefit of life insurance to pay the estate taxes and leave $3 million more for their heirs.
Steven Gates
February 2024 • 1-min read
Retirement Solutions
Crossing the Bridge: How to Fill the Income Gap Between Early Retirement and Maximum Social Security
Taking Social Security early can have potentially harmful effects on retirement income. But without a way to bridge the gap, it can be hard for clients to delay benefits. Discover how this advisor used a SPIA to secure the client's retirement while reducing taxable income.
Randy Kitzmiller
January 2024 • 2-min read
Medicare Solutions
Navigating the Nuances of Medicare
If you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of Medicare, getting the right coverage can be a challenge. Learn how this advisor tapped into an expert and found a way to exchange his client’s Medicare Advantage plan to something that fit the needs of his changing health.
Carly Rosswurm
September 2023 • 1-min read
Retirement Solutions
Free Up Assets with Annuity Audit
If your client is looking for a higher income payout in retirement than what their current annuity is offering, you need to consider other options. See how the Ash Annuity Audit can make the evaluation process simple and help you uncover more solutions.
Randy Kitzmiller
August 2023 • 1-min read
DI ML Case Study
Disability Insurance
Close the Gap with Multi-Life Disability Insurance
A multi-life disability plan might be the solution for business owners struggling to retain key employees. With discounts and simplified underwriting, multi-life is ideal for small business owners with at least five executives.
George Wilkins
May 2023 • 1-min read
Case Study Graphic: Safety for the Long Term
Retirement Solutions
Safety for the Long Term
With reinvestment comes risk. Instead, offer your clients tax deferred growth and peace of mind with an annuity. And by locking in the high rates currently being offered, you can guarantee more income for later.
Mike McGlothlin
April 2023 • 0-min read
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Retirement Solutions
The Power of Annuity Audit
Reevaluating your clients' current portfolios allows you to determine if their goals have changed and if their retirement solutions need to change as well. Working with Annuity Audit makes the process straightforward--for you and them.
Brendon Kelly
October 2022 • 1-min read
Advanced Planning
Success Outcomes: 457(f) Non-Profit Deferred Compensation
Many business owners are looking for creative ways to retain their key employees. For non-profits, which have limits on the type of plans they can pursue, a 457(f) deferred compensation plan could be the solution they have been searching for.
Steven Gates
July 2022 • 1-min read