We make life (insurance) easy

Life insurance is entering the next generation. Digital. Fast. Transparent. Check out these exclusive products, tools and services that are revolutionizing the way life insurance is sold.

Instant Term

Get up to $2 million in coverage in just minutes – no contracting required – with an immediate decision for those who qualify.

No-Load IUL

This fee-only indexed universal life product is simpler for clients, with a clear and transparent expense structure.


Through a personalized, secure client questionnaire, Life PreView asks the right questions upfront – so you don’t have to.

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Put an expert to work for you

Exceptional service is just a call or click away. Let us show you how whatever the question, whatever the need, Ash Answers.

Cash value life ins ill
Cash Value Life Insurance
Tap into the built-in savings power of life insurance

A permanent life insurance policy could be one of the most valuable assets your clients own. While protecting their family from the unthinkable, a cash value life insurance policy can accumulate tax-deferred savings that can be distributed tax-free.

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Ash Life Audit
Get an objective look at existing coverage

Whether you sold the policy or not, you can help clients decide if their permanent life insurance policy is performing to its full potential. After more than 6,000 formal reviews, the comprehensive Ash Life Audit found more than 65% of life insurance policies could be improved by a new policy!

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Advanced Planning
Specialized service on complicated cases

Get concierge-level guidance and custom proposals on your most complex questions related to business owners, estate planning and taxation. There’s no case too large or complicated.

A profitable partnership

You’re ready for a partnership that provides individualized support and a commitment to work with you the way you want. See how we work together.

Frequently asked questions
Questions? Ash Answers.

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about long-term care. For additional questions, check out our FAQ page.

How do I get a quote for term insurance?

For term life insurance quotes, we recommend you use our Ash Term Express platform. You'll achieve higher placement rates and get policies issued quickly – all in one simple tool.

Available by logging on to the Advisor Portal, Ash Term Express takes the guesswork out of the quoting process. Using insights about health guidelines and accelerated underwriting options, you can easily identify the best match in every situation. And, you can save your quotes for quick retrieval when it's time to start an application.

If you need assistance finding or using the tool, please contact us.

How do I get a quote for permanent life insurance?

The easiest way is to call the Life Marketing team so we can talk through your client's unique goals and considerations. You can also log in to the Advisor Portal and run an initial quote through iPipeline.

For complex cases, you may want to start by gathering your client's health information using our Life PreView tool. Or you can complete a traditional quote request form to gather the information we'll need to prepare a custom illustration.

How do I get contracted through Ash to sell life insurance?

Everything is done online through an electronic contracting system called SureLC. You'll want to log in to the Advisor Portal. From the homepage, click on the Contracting tile, then choose Online Contracting.

For the initial setup, your information pulls directly from the National Insurance Producer Registry – it may be as easy as verifying no changes are needed or completing your profile that includes submitting your signature card, Errors and Omission coverage, AML, and if direct paid, direct deposit information.

After setting up your initial profile with our online contracting system, you can request additional insurance carrier contracts at the click of a button. You can also update any contracting documents such as AML, E&O, or bank information. No more unnecessary duplication of efforts, redundant questions or searching for up-to-date paperwork. It’s fast, paper-free, and it’s always available when you need it.

If you need help with, our Commissions and Contracting team is available to make sure the insurance process never stands in the way of progress.

What is Accelerated Underwriting (AU)?

Evidence shows that approval and placement rates are higher with accelerated underwriting (AU). On average, AU cuts the processing time by three weeks. It’s faster and more convenient for you and your client because underwriting is completed based on data, instead of on labs and medical records. And it means less time for clients to change their minds and decline coverage.

But with traditional quoting software, it can be hard to detremine which carrier's accelerated underwriting is best for your client, or if they will qualify. With Ash Term Express, we’ve filtered through all carriers’ constantly changing AU programs to bring you the best fluidless underwriting programs. The platform intuitively understands which carrier’s AU process is best for your client, providing an AU score for each program. The AU score is based on AU policy limits, probability of approval as applied for, and average time to place an AU policy.

Why should I use Ash Term Express versus iPipeline?

The Ash Term Express platform is built on data for clients just like yours. You can be sure the platform quickly analyzes the client’s information and lets you see which accelerated underwriting program is best, if applicable. And, it tailors necessary information based on client responses and carrier selection, so no time is wasted answering unnecessary questions. It also guides you to the most accurate health class, so you get the quote right the first time.

Information entered into the Ash Quoter flows straight into the Ash Express Application, so you save time and don't have to enter information twice.