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Retirement Solutions
How to Decide Between Wet Signature and E-Signature
When it comes to annuity e-apps, which type of signature to use definitely causes the most confusion. Both e-signature or wet signature – a.k.a. printed pages signed with a pen – can be used. Looking at the pros and cons of each can help you decide.
Brendon Kelly
July 2024 • 2-min read
Retirement Solutions
Annuities and Taxes: What you Need to Know
Taxes play a big part in a retirement plan. And, if you client has an annuity, their taxes will differ depending on how it was funded, its riders and features and how and when it will be distributed. Here are the things to look out for, areas where you can take advantage and tax planning strategies.
Jim Dobler
July 2024 • 3-min read
Life Insurance
New Survey Shows Term Sales Are Changing: Three Key Takeaways
Price is only one factor of a good term insurance policy. As instant issue products continue to evolve, we partnered with Legal & General America to see how advisors are keeping up and choosing better options for their clients.
Nikki Parker
June 2024 • 4-min read
Life Insurance
How Section 7702 Can Help with Tax Diversification
Even if it's not your first thought, permanent life insurance can be a big help in tax diversification. With a Section 7702-Based plan you can unlock benefits not seen in other products. Uncover the advantages and learn how to incorporate Section 7702-based plans into your practice.
Thomas Losher
June 2024 • 3-min read
Life Insurance
Using Life Insurance for Charitable Planning
By combining charitable giving with life insurance planning, clients may be able to preserve personal wealth while supporting an organization they care about. See how to use an existing policy, when to consider a trust and other key factors to review.
Steven Gates
May 2024 • 5-min read
Maximizing Returns and Mitigating Risk Website Thumbnail
Retirement Solutions
Maximizing Returns and Mitigating Risk: Unlocking the Advantages of RILAs
Explore how Registered Index-Linked Annuities (RILAs) offer unique advantages, including higher cap rates, downside protection, tax-deferred growth, probate-free benefits and diverse index choices. Learn how to position RILAs as bond alternatives, increase return likelihood and transfer risk effectively in qualified accounts.
Brendon Kelly
April 2024 • 4-min read
4 Hidden Benefits of LIRP Website Thumbnail
Life Insurance
4 Hidden Benefits of LIRP (plus the unhidden tax advantages)
Even though it takes a backseat, a life insurance retirement plan (LIRP) has more to offer than tax advantages. Uncover four other key benefits and discover how life insurance can be a versatile tool in crafting comprehensive retirement strategies for high-net-worth clients.
Thomas Losher
April 2024 • 3-min read
Retirement Solutions
Decoding Market Behavior: The Electoral Influence on U.S. Stock Performance
With a presidential election comes uncertainty surrounding stock market performance. But, there are trends to look for before, during and after election cycles that can help you make informed decisions and guide clients toward financial success.
Mike McGlothlin
April 2024 • 2-min read
LTC with a death benefit thumbnail
Long-Term Care
Long-Term Care with a Death Benefit
LTC insurance can help protect a portfolio from the cost of care, but product complexity can be intimidating. When the goal is to plan for long-term care, repositioning how you think about hybrid linked-benefit solutions could make a big difference.
Matt Stieglitz
March 2024 • 4-min read
Leaving-a-Legacy-Without-Medical-Underwriting Thumbnail
Retirement Solutions
Leaving a Legacy Without Medical Underwriting
Incorporating annuities into your client's retirement plan ensures financial security and paves the way for a lasting legacy – all without the hassle of medical underwriting. Uncover more benefits and unlock the full potential of annuities.
Brendon Kelly
February 2024 • 2-min read
Decoding-Disability-Insurance-Underwriting-Ash-Brokerage-Income-Protection background
Disability Insurance
Decoding Disability Insurance Underwriting
Morbidity vs. mortality are two different risks. If your client has applied for life insurance, they may get a completely different rate class when applying for disability insurance. Find out where the products align or differ and which clients make good prospects.
Tim Kukieza
Tim Kukieza
February 2024 • 6-min read
Life Insurance
3 Ways FlashTerm is Redefining Term Life Insurance
Term life insurance shouldn't be a cumbersome process. Speed is the new name of the game. Simplicity is our mission. Accessibility is our promise. Get the story behind our collaboration with Legal & General America on their new instant term product, FlashTerm.
Tim Ash
February 2024 • 3-min read