How to Navigate the Medicare Maze

April 2024  |  36 minutes
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We know Medicare — so you don't have to

Clients nearing age 65 are bombarded with messaging about Medicare. Cut through the confusion and find the right solutions with our white-glove service.

After watching, you’ll understand:

  • Your clients’ options for supplemental coverage
  • How to earn a referral commission on Medicare cases
  • Ways to find Medicare opportunities throughout the year
  • Why having a go-to solution for Medicare can grow your business

Ash’s Medicare referral program is an easy way to earn referral commission on any cases*, while knowing that you’ve protected your client and your business. It’s a win-win. Register to see how it works!

*Must be life and health life licensed to earn commission

Featured Speaker

Carly has more than 15 years in Medicare brokerage, holding roles as both a director and a licensed independent agent. Her passion comes from delivering unbiased advice that helps clients find the best solution — whether that’s a Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage Plan or standalone Prescription Drug Plan. Through Ash’s referral program, Carly and her team provide support for financial professionals across the country who know Medicare is a need but are focused on other areas of their business.