What The Tech? 7 Time-Saving Tips Behind The Login

June 2024  |  24 minutes
This webinar is for financial professionals only.

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Unlock powerful tools to enhance efficiency

Your clients expect exceptional service. Speed. Quality of advice. A personal touch based on your expertise. Sometimes clients expect answers … right now. You can deliver when you combine the power of our team + technology.

Join us for an engaging conversation with our Customer Experience team as we explore the powerful platform available through our Advisor Portal login.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Key features of our Advisor Portal and how to leverage them
  • Critical e-application workflows and assistance on the go
  • How to effectively incorporate your Ash team into client meetings
  • Self-service solutions that allow you to work smarter

Whether you're meeting with clients, on the road or working independently, this webinar will empower you to deliver in today’s fast-paced environment, without sacrificing the tailored service that defines our industry.

Featured Speaker

Kim Carpenter leads our client experience team. She is dedicated to uncovering pain points and improving processes until every person feels heard. Through innovation and connection, Kim and her team are committed to helping every advisor leverage the full power of Ash’s capabilities.

Stephanie Wine 600
Featured Speaker

Stephanie Robinson is an Ash Brokerage CX hall of fame member, helping hundreds of advisors better understand the resources to drive their insurance business. With an ever-positive attitude, she’ll help share her passion for the Ash team.