Ash Brokerage Launches New Policy Management System

Maria Sarci   |   July 2021   |   1-minute read

Ash Brokerage recently launched In-Force Vision, a revolutionary, holistic policy management system supporting both life and annuity. The platform is unlike anything else currently being offered in the insurance industry.

"We're proud to be a company focused on developing processes to help our industry, our advisors and their clients," says Todd Ruplinger, Chief Innovation Officer at Ash Brokerage. "In-Force Vision fits right into that focus. We are the only brokerage general agency offering this type of platform to advisors."

We are the only brokerage general agency offering this type of platform to advisors.

Ash rolled out In-Force Vision this summer, and they are the only company with a platform dedicated completely to helping advisors manage their existing business. It allows advisors to focus in and find insights and opportunities they might otherwise miss. The platform is simple for advisors to navigate and allows them to see what is important to them.

"It's more than just a way to see your existing policies," says Todd. "It's a way to continue to build a relationship with clients and better serve their changing protection needs."

And it's one more way that Ash continues to be a leader in innovation. Technology has always been part of the company's master plan, with more innovation launches on the horizon, including a new state-of-the-art website.

Keep your eyes on Ash Brokerage this summer for more about how they are leveraging technology to make the insurance process more straightforward.

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