Todd Ruplinger Moves to Techficient as Chief Executive Officer

Jason Grover   |   January 2022   |   1-minute read

Continuing a commitment to provide industry-leading innovation in insurance technology, Todd Ruplinger and the Ash innovation team have joined the Techficient family.

Todd joined the Ash Brokerage team as Chief Innovation & Distribution Officer in January 2020. In the face of a global pandemic, Todd’s tenacity helped accelerate Ash’s vision for a fully digital end-to-end term insurance platform.

Over the past two years, Todd has grown his application development team while partnering closely with Techficient for data feeds and additional support. With the full support of Ash's leadership, Todd and his team are now full-time employees of Techficient.

“As we continue to chart a course for delivering leading-edge digital solutions to the insurance industry, it made sense to allow Todd to align his talents with the entirety of our technology platform,” said Jason Grover, President of Ash Brokerage. “We are excited about our future at Ash as we continue to partner with Techficient for innovative products and industry-changing technology platforms.”

Todd has a reputation for continuously pushing boundaries and challenging long-held assumptions within the insurance industry. Throughout his career, he has created strong relationships for reaching advisors, consumers and institutions via new platforms.

“I'm excited to build on the work we started at Ash Brokerage,” said Todd Ruplinger, CEO of Techficient. “Insurance technology solutions are clearly in high demand. With the full resources of Techficient, our ability to bring products and platforms to market is stronger than ever.”

Gaurav Shah, James Lemoine, Mike Toy and Christian Boyle also held positions at Ash Brokerage and have moved to Techficient.

Jason Grover
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