Ash Brokerage Chicago Office Opens for Business

Austin Ash   |   December 2021   |   1-minute read

Right now, the trend is for companies to promote remote employees and virtual meetings. So it makes a nice change to announce that Ash Brokerage has taken office space in Chicago, Illinois. The space will be used for part of the Advanced Planning team and will include an area for in-person client meetings.

Austin Ash and Thomas Losher, two of Ash Brokerage's Advanced Markets Analysts, are currently working out of the Chicago office. They both appreciate being able to discuss strategies that help their clients, and to be able to explain things to their clients face-to-face.

“Although many people have adjusted to working from home, I think we have all come to appreciate the value of having a physical office and the benefits of being together with our peers and colleagues in a work environment,” says Losher. “We hope to recreate the great culture in the Fort Wayne office here in Chicago – a place where we can bounce ideas off coworkers, collaborate, and grow our business. The city of Chicago has so much potential, especially within the advanced planning space, which we see as a huge growth opportunity for Ash.”

Ultimately, they plan to host study groups at the office, educating advisors, attorneys and CPAs on the many topics relevant to advanced markets life insurance.

But you don’t have to wait. Anyone visiting Chicago is welcome to drop by and take advantage of Austin and Thomas’s knowledge.

About the Author

Austin is a proud 3rd-generational member of Ash Brokerage. As an Advanced Markets Analyst he’s out to reshape the traditional financial services industry with innovative and customized solutions. Austin’s goal is to simplify the technical aspects of the cash value life insurance space and help change the broad misperceptions that exist around life insurance through education and analysis.