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Why Long-Term Care Insurance? Executive Summary

Realizing how the need for long-term care may affect the workplace, smart employers are making themselves aware of what LTC is, how it works and how they can better help protect their employees. This executive summary will help business owners consider the options on the table.

Accelerated Underwriting Fluidless Carriers

Fluidless, accelerated, express, simplified – no matter the words you use, one thing is certain: More and more insurance companies are offering streamlined underwriting processes. This cheat sheet will give you an overview of the programs available and if your clients qualify.

Life Event Planning: Foundation Stage Fact Finder

Younger couples may not have a lot of accumulated assets, but future earning potential is important to protect. Use this worksheet to show why purchasing life and disability insurance at this stage can offer a path to other products as salaries increase.

Life Event Planning: Protection Stage Fact Finder

Clients have a lot of conflicting financial priorities. Use this worksheet to help uncover existing goals and coverage, then start a conversation around additional insurance protection that will help address changing life milestones and concerns.

Pension Risk Transfer Marketing

Every advisor needs a sustainable marketing strategy to win prospects. Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) marketing is one way to do it. We help you generate income in the defined benefit plan termination market by identifying prospects, accessing technical expertise, and deliver solutions.

Why You Need LTC PreView

When looking for long-term care coverage, one of the biggest unknowns is underwriting. With Ash Brokerage’s LTC PreView tool, you can get preliminary screening and answers to your underwriting questions before you complete an application.

A Gift for Generations

Your clients may be planning to leave assets to children and grandchildren. But they can gift more than just cash. With life insurance, clients can combine cash value growth potential with death benefit protection for a tax-efficient gift that keeps on giving. See how it works.

The Tax-Efficient Planning Playbook

This guide leverages the foundation of a tax-efficient, diversified strategy in your client’s existing retirement portfolio. We call it a Section 7702-based plan because cash value life insurance follows a unique tax treatment defined in the IRS Code.

Income Compared: IUL vs. Managed Investment Account

Same contribution. Different outcome. When factoring in fees, portfolio turnover and taxes, can an investment account match the after-tax spendable income a permanent life insurance policy? Diversify a portfolio by using an IUL's cash value for retirement income.

Three Ways to Access Tax-Free Income From a Policy

Clients often hate debt. But loans can have hidden advantages. Low interest rates and favorable tax advantages have changed the game. See how fixed-rate loans, withdrawals from fixed loans, and participating loans can provide three paths for retirement income as needs arise.

Cost Transparency: How IUL Policy Charges Work

There's a misconception that the fees and commissions of cash value life insurance make it difficult to accumulate wealth. This piece breaks down an indexed universal life (IUL) policy by premium expense, cost of insurance (COI), coverage charge and admin charge.

How a Section 7702-Based Plan Rivals Other Asset Classes

Life insurance may be your client's most valuable asset class. It has tax-deferred growth, tax-free income and a tax-free death benefit, with no annual IRS contribution limits or RMDs. See how you can position the benefits to lock in gains in a sideways market.