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The Impact of AG49

Known as AG49, Actuarial Guideline 49 was designed to limit illustrative interest rates and income projections shown to consumers. This summary defines key terms and explains how illustrations differ after AG49.

Comparing Fee Structures

Just how expensive is properly designed IUL? This chart outlines the policy charges and policy benefits and compares the savings on fees long-term to those on most managed brokerage accounts.

IUL Policy Returns in the Real World

Many are skeptical about the projected performance of life insurance policies. With recent illustrations we find ourselves being limited to showing low projected returns despite actual performance of modern IULs. But these real-world examples show the possible benefits.

The History of Top Income Tax Rates

Being diversified puts you in the driver's seat to choose which assets to tap into based on the ever-changing tax environment around you. Use this guide to help you identify the trends in tax rates and how much of your client's assets are accessible tax-free.

Ash Term Express Avoid Surprises

We’re committed to keeping term life insurance straightforward and simple. And for term insurance, one of the best ways to do that is to let your clients know what to expect. Here’s what you’ll need to find out from your client to submit a case through Ash Term Express.

Sequence of Returns

During the accumulation phase, assets invested in the market can often recover from losses by simply waiting for a market recovery. Losses are not "realized." But at retirement, even a few down-market years can have a dramatic effect on your clients' portfolios.

Premium Finance: What You Need To Know

Premium finance can often seem complicated. But understanding how to leverage other people's money to enhance life insurance objectives just got simpler. From describing how it works to outlining the steps to get started, this summary makes understanding the basics of premium finance easy.

A to Z Guide to Life Insurance

This comprehensive, educational resource covers the basics of life insurance and more. After discussing the need, purpose and types of life insurance, you'll learn about the application and underwriting process, as well as policy customizations, loans, taxation and more.

Finding the Funds for Long-Term Care

If a client agrees that LTC is something they want to address, you have to find a source of funding for a solution. Below are four quadrants of assets you can use to pay for long-term care insurance coverage, including cash flow, nonqualified, qualified and idle assets.

Identifying LTC Opportunities: Clients in their 60s

Health care, including long-term care, is a regular topic of conversation for people in their 60s. It comes up around the dinner table. And it needs to come up in your planning conversations. But these clients don’t just need talk – they need action. Help them create an LTC plan.

Ash Life Audit Consumer Guide

Life changes. Constantly. Has your client's life insurance coverage changed with it? Does their existing life insurance coverage meet their current needs? This rack-card-style guide to the Ash Life Audit helps clients consider if now is a good time to have you review their policy.

Estate Equalization for Business Owners

Business owners are a common candidate for estate equalization because assets are often tied up in their business. When they have multiple children with varying levels of involvement in the business, life insurance can help make bequests equal AND keep the business intact.