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Costs Compared: IUL vs. Managed Investment Account

Some may think IUL and other permanent life policies have egregious charges. But traditional brokerage accounts may have fees up to 1.75% per year. Exploring how the internal rate of return (IRR) stacks up over the long term creates an important perspective.

Three Ways to Access Tax-Free Income From a Policy

Clients often hate debt. But loans can have hidden advantages. Low interest rates and favorable tax advantages have changed the game. See how fixed-rate loans, withdrawals from fixed loans, and participating loans can provide three paths for retirement income as needs arise.

Tax-Efficient Legacy Planning

Currently, an estate is not subject to the federal estate tax until it exceeds $12,920,000 (double for married taxpayers). In 2026, the current exemption will sunset, effectively cutting the amount in half. This piece looks at four options to protect your client's legacy before that happens.

5 Reasons to Choose FlashTerm

Low touchpoints. No medical exam. Competitive pricing. Fast approval. FlashTerm is a collaboration between Legal & General America (LGA) and Ash Brokerage offering a seamless, swift, exam-free term life insurance product for your clients and better experience for you.

Balancing Risk vs Return in Financial Products

Planning for retirement is a constant balance of risk versus return. A fixed or fixed indexed annuity (FIA) can protect your clients' assets while maximizing the potential for gains. See how annuities stack up on the financial product continuum.

Maximizing a Grandparent's Legacy without Underwriting

In legacy planning, simply leaving money to a grandchild in a will is leaving money on the table. Instead, depositing money into a joint and survivor single premium immediate annuity (SPIA) with a cost of living adjustment rider can provide guaranteed income for life.

StoryBrand Private Workshop

Clarify your message. Grow your business. When you have a clear and repeatable message that connects with clients, your business will grow. A private StoryBrand workshop, delivered by Ash Brokerage, will help you tell their story so your potential customers will listen.

IRC 101(j) and 60391 Worksheet

If you are uncertain whether or not IRC Sections 101(j) and 6039I apply to a particular life insurance policy, or if you are uncertain what must be done to assure the death benefits are received tax-free, fill out this worksheet and let us help you get the facts.

Business Owner Conversation Guide

Business-owner clients seek your advice on a wide range of issues including buy-sell, key person protection, employee retention, and exit/succession planning. If these issues lie outside your core areas of expertise, this worksheet will help you spark meaningful conversations.

Guide to IRC 101j

It's possible to avoid the taxation of employer-owned life insurance. The general rule is that death benefits paid from a life insurance policy subject to IRC Sec. 101(j) are taxable when received. In order to avoid taxation, clients must qualify for one of several exceptions.

Term Conversion Overview and Process

If your clients are ready to move from term insurance to a permanent policy, a term conversion might be the answer. This piece show you how to guide your clients through the process.

Protecting Gains with a Fixed Indexed Annuity

A fixed index annuity can be an elite player to your client's retirement income lineup. And with this easy-to-understand game plan, you can tackle all the ins and outs of FIAs and learn how to put them in play.