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Business Owner Guide to Multi-Life Income Protection

Businesses struggle to retain key employees, and an often-overlooked area is income protection. Multi-life DI can close the income gap and incentivize employees to stay. With this one-pager. determining if additional coverage is needed is simpler than you think – and so is the process!

Creating Confidence with an Annuity Audit

Your goals can change in just a few years. There may be a different solution that could help you better achieve your new goals or maybe market changes created new opportunities you're not aware of. With the Annuity Audit, you can ensure your coverage keeps up with all of life's changes.

Proposed Legislation: New York State Long-Term Care Trust Program

Like other states, New York is considering a state-funded trust program to help with the cost of long-term care for its residents. While the legislation is currently in the proposal stage, now is the time to learn what it means for you and how you can prepare.

Ash Term Express Client Process

During the Ash Term Express process, it's important to keep your clients informed about next steps. After submitting an application, this flyer will help you explain how the process works and what your client should expect, including the carrier interview, underwriting and approval.

Why You Need LTC PreView

When looking for long-term care coverage, one of the biggest unknowns is underwriting. With Ash Brokerage’s LTC PreView tool, you can get preliminary screening and answers to your underwriting questions before you complete an application.

Ash Annuity Audit Sample Output Report

This is one situation in life where you really do know what you're gonna get. Download a sample output of our Ash Annuity Audit to see what's included in the analysis. It will help you help your clients understand their current annuity contracts and identify potential next steps.

Annuity Audit Checklist

As goals change, make sure your client’s financial plan is keeping up. The first step is finding out how well their current plan is meeting their needs. Share this checklist with your client to find out what’s changed since they purchased an annuity.

Why to Plan for a Long-Term Care Event

Many clients are hesitant about planning for long-term care because they don't think they will need it. But, it's hard to argue with statistics. Show this piece to your clients to help them get the facts and discover why the long-term care conversation is worth having.

Comparing Today's Long-Term Care Alternatives

Clients have more choices for long-term care planning than ever before. As an advisor, the key is understanding what they are and when they’re appropriate, so you can guide them through the decision-making process. This chart highlights the pros and cons of four common solutions.

Understanding Early Retirement and Social Security Income

Many clients choose to take Social Security income early. Clients want their money as soon as possible, or have concerns about the future of the system. But, the timing of when benefits are turned on can have a big impact on retirement income.

Understanding The Estate Tax Exemption Sunset

The lifetime gift and estate tax exemption is set to be cut in half in 2026. It might seem like there's ample time to create a plan, but there is a practical deadline ahead of the statutory deadline. Here's what you need to know to avoid the rush.

Facts of Your Life

This handy journal gives clients one location for vital information such as loan payments, investments, insurance policies and more. Keeping these documents organized can save loved ones time and stress and help ensure that assets are allocated according to your client's wishes.