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Our concept library is primarily intended for financial professional use only and is not to be reproduced or shown to clients. For pieces to use with your customers, check out the client-approved category. Client-facing pieces are subject to your broker-dealer review.

Life Events Timeline

As clients age, their insurance needs change based on life events. From foundation to final expenses, this timeline will help you quickly guide a conversation and identify opportunities based on different life stages including protection, foundation, accumulation and legacy.

Ash Term Express Avoid Surprises

We’re committed to keeping term life insurance straightforward and simple. And for term insurance, one of the best ways to do that is to let your clients know what to expect. Here’s what you’ll need to find out from your client to submit a case through Ash Term Express.

Ash Annuity Audit Consumer Guide

This piece encourages clients to take a step back and meet with you to review their existing annuity contracts. It highlights the potential benefits of newer products, as well as when it's a good time to perform a review. See how the Ash Annuity Audit can help start a conversation.

State-Mandated LTC: What You Need to Know

As different states look at creating state-mandated plans, your clients might have questions. This client-approved piece can help answer those questions and give them a higher level of confidence in the power of planning for long-term care.

Ash Life Audit Consumer Guide

Life changes. Constantly. Has your client's life insurance coverage changed with it? Does their existing life insurance coverage meet their current needs? This rack-card-style guide to the Ash Life Audit helps clients consider if now is a good time to have you review their policy.

Ash Life Audit Client Letter

Sometimes the hardest part of starting a conversation is expressing the need. This piece outlines the industry improvements and personal and policy reasons to perform a life insurance policy review through the Ash Life Audit platform. No cost — just certainty in uncertain times.

Why Accept A Modified Policy

It’s tough when clients get through underwriting with higher premiums or less benefits than they hoped for. But you can still save the sale when a modified DI policy is offered. It’s a case when some coverage really is better than no coverage at all.

Life Insurance Needs Quick Estimator

Answer the question "How much life insurance do I need". With this simple form, it's easy to know how much life insurance to quote. It will help you start a conversation around income need, expenses and assets, to quickly estimate their life insurance needs.

5 Most Common DI Questions

When it comes to insurance, your clients will have questions. So, when considering an individual disability insurance policy, make sure your clients know the answers to these five commonly asked questions.

DI Overhead Expense Worksheet

Disability overhead expense coverage can keep the lights on when something unexpected happens. The first step is to consider how much to cover. Help business-owner clients detail monthly operating expenses to see how they can be covered if they cannot work.

Retirement Client Letter for Advisors

When marketing new concepts to clients, it can be tough to get started. We did the hard work for you with this client-friendly letter highlighting the benefits of a qualified longevity annuity contract (QLAC). Download it, modify it and send it to your clients to start a conversation.

A Comprehensive Review of Long-Term Care

It's important for clients to know the facts about long-term care planning. This guide walks through the importance of choosing the right company, where to get LTC coverage, tax incentives, what to look for in a policy and other key aspects of planning for long-term healthcare in retirement.