DI: An Easy Addition to Your Practice

Tim Kukieza   |   January 2022   |   1-minute read

I hear the same phrase on a daily basis: “I’m mostly a life producer. I rarely sell DI.”

I get it. Disability insurance isn’t something you focus on every day. It can be an uncomfortable subject to discuss, and if you’re not confident you can answer all of your clients’ questions, it can seem even harder.

DI products are complex, but the conversation can be easy. Start by asking questions that will get clients thinking about their plans:

  • Do you know anyone who has been disabled, and unable to work, due to a sickness or accident?
  • What impact did it have on their family?
  • (If they are married) Can your family sustain their current quality of life with just one income?
  • Are you willing to lose your savings, and possibly have to dip into your retirement account, if you were to become disabled?

Often, and especially if they are young, your clients haven’t thought about the possibility of not being able to work. It’s natural. But no matter what stage of life they’re in, nearly every plan starts with the same thing: income.

Many of us have stories about someone who has been unable to work, even for a short period of time, due to some sort of disabling event. But we never think it will be us. Getting your clients to see that it could happen to them is the first step to getting them to recognize their need for coverage.

You don’t have to have all the answers. You just need to ask the right questions.

Your clients worked hard to build their financial future (and so did you). But once it’s gone, it’s too late. It’s our job to make sure that everything works when your clients can’t. To make sure their foundation is protected.

Don’t end the conversation before checking the last box. Check out these resources to SEE IT THROUGH – to create a solid financial foundation for paychecks, made possible.

Tim Kukieza
About the Author

Tim Kukieza leads our Disability Insurance team. He is passionate about the protection he helps to put in place. Tim knows coverage will dramatically and positively impact clients’ lives when they need it most.