3 Ways FlashTerm is Redefining Term Life Insurance

Tim Ash   |   February 2024   |   3-minute read
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The life insurance industry is often pegged as being slow to change.

Having spent a career touching every part of insurance sales, distribution, underwriting and leadership, the naysayers aren’t wrong.

They also don’t spend their days like I do — trying to make it better.

We’re in the middle of an ongoing evolution. A digital transformation, driven by a relentless pursuit of understanding both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

For term insurance, the alignment of business goals and technology has made the future a reality.

Fueled by a pandemic-accelerated move to fully digital platforms, decade-old boundaries have been shattered. A move from paper to electronic. Eliminating all exams and labs. Using readily available data to make an instant underwriting decision.

And now, we’ve reached the stage where new products are poised to leverage all the above. So, we turned to our partners at Legal & General America to create a term product built for today. Here are three ways FlashTerm will help you offer a convenient, competitive and dare I say enjoyable experience.


Historically, life insurance was a very bureaucratic, paper-based process, often taking months to get coverage.

But in today’s market, it’s critical to get results — fast. Expectations drive competition. Competition drives change and results. Across the board, many insurance carrier’s average cycle time is now a fraction of what it used to be with traditional underwriting.

Speed in decision-making is now a key differentiator in the insurance industry.

The development of FlashTerm was a direct response to this urgent need for a quicker, simpler insurance process. Legal & General America already had one of the leading term products. Our team approached them to drive an even better client experience.

By leveraging technology, FlashTerm has achieved remarkable results. In many cases, applications for the product offer instant decisions and significantly reduce the time from quote to decision. Many clients will have coverage within three to five days.


Fast is good. But if it’s a confusing process filled with jargon and disclaimers, consumers won’t be able to follow along.

The product development team took that to heart like a “believe” sign taped up in Ted Lasso’s locker room. The application process was re-imagined, eliminating the time-consuming aspects of traditional term coverage.

Our goal is to make the complex simple and the time-consuming quick.

With Legal & General’s vast in-house resources, they don’t have to rely on other vendors or reinsurers to make decisions. Whereas some insurance companies aren’t the underwriter of their products, LGA controls the product AND the process behind the decision.

FlashTerm has fewer touchpoints for everyone — you, your clients, LGA and the Ash Brokerage team. Fewer touches mean fewer bottlenecks. And that leaves you and your client with more control and transparency behind each step of the process.

Term is a simple product. Applying for it should be simple, too.


Innovation is not just technology — it's a mindset to make insurance accessible for everyone.

In a nutshell, that statement is why I stay in this business. I firmly believe that life’s milestones deserve to be insured. Many Americans are underinsured, and we’re committed to protecting more lives.

Financial advisors play a crucial role in demystifying insurance for consumers. Our mission is to break down barriers to insurance, making it a seamless part of financial wellness.

Accessibility not only enhances the experience — it empowers. Eliminating the need for medical exams (for most clients) not only simplifies your workflow, it opens term life insurance to a wider audience. With FlashTerm, we’ve cut through the red tape.

By removing barriers, you can focus more on what really matters: building relationships with your clients and providing personalized advice.

Choose FlashTerm

Speed is the new name of the game. Simplicity is our mission. Accessibility is our promise.

Life insurance shouldn't be a cumbersome process. It should be a cornerstone of financial planning. Effortless, efficient and essential.

My hope is this is more than just a new product innovation. By choosing FlashTerm, you're providing a pathway to a financial foundation that's tailored to meet the needs of today's fast-paced world. You can check out all the product specs here.

Try it. Take it for a spin (you can find it on Ash Express). I bet you'll find it's not just a step forward — it’s a leap into the future of insurance.

Get the Inside Scoop

I recently sat down with Mark Holweger, CEO of Legal & General America, to discuss the passion and purpose behind our FlashTerm collaboration. Check out the on-demand replay for more behind-the-scenes insights on the future of term insurance!

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