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There are not enough proven sources for training on income protection products, concepts and ideas. Consequently, this critical financial tool is not being sold at scale — even when most working Americans could benefit.

If you're ready to solidify your understanding of disability insurance, Ash Brokerage has partnered with the DI Guys to provide a personalized sales coaching platform that can take you to the next level.

Conviction + Confidence = Conversation

The way you say things is equally important to what you say. As a financial professional, asking the right questions and waiting for a response will let you guide the process around risk protection and disability insurance.

Get Started with Coaching

With two programs to choose from, there's a training platform to fit every producer. Learn what the differences are and get enrolled!

Overcome Common Objections

In the full coaching program, you'll get a library of napkin concepts and training modules to help you change the conversation. Here's a sample of the type of thought leadership that can help your income protection discussions thrive.

Objection: Underwriting is Complicated
How to Properly Manage Expectations

Nobody loves underwriting. The easy thing seems to be to get a quote, then address underwriting risk later. But is that the best way? Chris and Mike share their experience.

Objection: I'm Covered at Work
The Impact of a 40% Pay Cut

A common objection to income protection is "I'm covered at work." But, is it enough? What would be the true impact of a disability? Chris and Mike have thoughts.

Objection: It's Expensive
The True Cost of Failing to Protect Future Income

In sales, most conversations come down to cost. Mike gives advice on how to flip the discussion and focus on the true cost of inaction.

The Benefits of a Coach
Practice until you’re comfortable
Seek new ideas

It’s not just about sales concepts. It’s coaching to consistently do things differently from start to finish.

Grow your practice

With unlimited prospects, an underserved market and better products than ever, DI sales will transform your bottom line.

Take action

Make a commitment to substantially increase the number of DI apps you take — and we’ll give you the resources to make it happen.

Team Working At Computer
Find Your Fit
Is income protection right for your clients?

There's always a market — even if clients are nearing or in retirement. If your clients have children or grandchildren who earn a paycheck, buying a DI policy for them can provide a foundation for future growth.

The Coaching Programs
Which is the best fit for your business?
The Income Protection Academy

If you write a few DI apps a year and want to increase you're understanding, you'll get access to over 80 videos to learn the basics and beyond.

Exceptional Producer Inner Circle (EPIC)

If you're serious about becoming a significant DI producer, unlock personal coaching with Chris or Mike, as well as templates, software and more.

Additional Back-Office Support

If you're an experienced DI producer, the Ash DI team has the expertise to help you quote, present and position cases for increased success.

Get Started
Ready for an introduction?

We'd love to introduce you to the DI Guys. Fill out the form or give us a call to discuss how we can help get you enrolled in an income protection training program. Let's make disability insurance sales a seamless part of your growth plan!

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