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A Strategy for Any Market

There are higher risk products with potential for higher returns, and products with lower risk and lower returns. Somewhere in between, fixed annuities and fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) provide a strategy for any market – to protect assets while providing potential for additional interest.

Leveraging RMDs to Maximize Wealth Transfer

Required minimum distributions from a retirement account can be used to fund insurance products – potentially offsetting or even eliminating taxes on the assets. In this case, purchasing a survivorship universal life policy created a 4x return in total legacy with charitable contributions.

Best-in-Class Fixed Annuity Rates

Find the best fixed annuity that you should be selling. Rates are key, but the carrier ratings, product features and overall service make all the difference. Use this weekly sheet to make the sale with our best-in-class fixed annuity product picks.

Understanding QLACs

Qualified longevity annuity contracts (QLACs) were introduced in 2014. Adoption has been slow due, but a QLAC remains one of the best tools to improve the probability of retirement success. See the results of our annual performance study and how it can help your business grow.

Create a Conversation - Volatile Market 

In this conversation card, you're looking for risk-averse clients who are nearing or currently in retirement. These clients want their money to grow tax-deferred, but feel uneasy about market swings. A fixed indexed annuity (FIA) can help mitigate the risk while offering strong returns.

Removing Pension Liability

Pension plans have been creating financial havoc for years. Volatile balance sheet liabilities, increased government fees, high professional fees and looming required contributions are causing sponsors to want to shed their pension plans. The answer to de-risking lies in the approach.

Pension Risk Transfer Marketing

Every advisor needs a sustainable marketing strategy to win prospects. Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) marketing is one way to do it. We help you generate income in the defined benefit plan termination market by identifying prospects, accessing technical expertise, and deliver solutions.

Create a Conversation - Managing Risk

In this conversation card, you're looking for clients who are concerned about rising rates, inflation or market risk. But they still want higher returns. With a fixed indexed annuity (FIA), clients can have no risk of loss while providing the ability to meet or exceed inflation.

A New Way to Think About Accumulation

Substituting an annuity for a portion of an allocation to bonds can increase wealth, especially given today’s low interest rate environment. This study, co-authored with the JourneyGuide planning software, shows five examples of how to supercharge asset accumulation.

The Value of Using IRA Annuities

If your clients are holding all their retirement assets in defined contribution plans or institutional IRAs, they’re at a financial disadvantage. See why these plans can cause problems if your client has enough assets to begin to consider individualized financial and estate planning.

Real Benefits of Indexed Annuities

In years when the S&P 500® Index is negative, fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) can be a client's hardest-working asset. Supported by a minimum guarantee, FIAs provide an opportunity to accumulate value on the appreciation of the S&P, without losing premium when the S&P was negative.

Retirement Service Value Adds

As a business owner, your attention is pulled in every direction at once. Whether you’re expanding, marketing or protecting your business, we can help. More than brokerage, these complimentary value-add services could be the difference you need to hit your goals for growth.