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Maximizing a Grandparent's Legacy without Underwriting

In legacy planning, simply leaving money to a grandchild in a will is leaving money on the table. Instead, depositing money into a joint and survivor single premium immediate annuity (SPIA) with a cost of living adjustment rider can provide guaranteed income for life.

Business Owner Solutions

Business owners focus on the needs of their business and often overlook planning for their financial future. That's where we come in. Ash provides comprehensive support to those starting, maintaining or exiting a business to ensure they can retire securely and protect what they've built.

Your Pension Risk Transfer Team

Ash delivers comprehensive pension risk transfer services to defined benefit plan sponsors. Our knowledge and processes set the industry standard. Here's how our team can help clients get off the funding rollercoaster.

Removing Pension Liability

Pension plans have been creating financial havoc for years. Volatile balance sheet liabilities, increased government fees, high professional fees and looming required contributions are causing sponsors to want to shed their pension plans. The answer to de-risking lies in the approach.

Pension Risk Transfer Marketing

Every advisor needs a sustainable marketing strategy to win prospects. Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) marketing is one way to do it. We help you generate income in the defined benefit plan termination market by identifying prospects, accessing technical expertise, and deliver solutions.

Ash Annuity Audit Sample Output Report

This is one situation in life where you really do know what you're gonna get. Download a sample output of our Ash Annuity Audit to see what's included in the analysis. It will help you help your clients understand their current annuity contracts and identify potential next steps.

Protecting the Surviving Spouse: Social Security Claiming Strategy

Women typically live longer than men, but they also tend to have lower Social Security benefits. That's why it's important to understand the impact claiming early can have on a surviving spouse. Here's how one couple created a strategy that allowed them to earn over $23,000 in additional Social Security benefits over their lifetimes.

StoryBrand Private Workshop

Clarify your message. Grow your business. When you have a clear and repeatable message that connects with clients, your business will grow. A private StoryBrand workshop, delivered by Ash Brokerage, will help you tell their story so your potential customers will listen.

Collect and Accumulate Retirement Assets Through IRAs

If your clients are holding all their retirement assets in defined contribution plans or institutional IRAs, they’re at a financial disadvantage. See why these plans can cause problems if your client has enough assets to begin to consider individualized financial and estate planning.

Matching Client Concerns to Annuities

Every product recommendation begins with a conversation. In this cheat sheet, we take five key areas of concern and help you review life events that clients may be working through. The provided discussion points for each can lead to implementing a strategy with an annuity.

Life and Health Guaranty Associations

Most states have guaranty funds to help pay the claims of financially impaired insurance companies. State laws specify the lines of insurance covered by these funds and the dollar limits payable. This cheat sheet summarizes the max liability limits broken down by state.

Longevity Planning for Women in Retirement

With extended lifespans, comes the increased likelihood of heightened healthcare expenses – making clients apprehensive about outlasting their financial resources. Here's how one couple was able to use a fixed indexed annuity to guarantee more income in retirement.