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Increase Your Annuity Sales (and Create Confidence in Your Clients)

Mike McGlothlin   |   August 2020   |   2-minute read

It’s a challenging time. Your clients need guidance to help protect and secure their retirement. It’s not an easy task, especially when we have ongoing social and political unrest here in the United States, not to mention an ongoing and relentless pandemic. Today’s environment makes it even more important to validate your services and create confidence in your clients when you’re talking about their income planning strategies.

When you help a client create a plan, you’re looking ahead to the rest of their life. We have a resource that cuts through all the uncertainty and shows your clients how their retirement would perform in different circumstances. Given various market conditions, it takes inflation and taxes into consideration. Even more important, you and your client can complete it in about 15 minutes. And the result is a client-approved report that you can present with confidence to the client’s loved ones.

JourneyGuide is a dynamic, client-approved resource and is hands down the best software for selling annuities. Advisers who have incorporated JourneyGuide into their businesses have seen an average of 62% increase in annuity sales. A lot of that increase has come from assets held away.

It might be easier to look at an example of how they incorporate JourneyGuide into their day-to-day conversations. Take a client, age 60, preparing to retire in seven years. Currently, the client has a traditional 60-40 asset mix. By adding a fixed indexed annuity to the portfolio, you will be able to increase the income amount and offer income guarantees. You would also be able to add guaranteed income and decrease portfolio risk. It makes sense to revisit the client’s portfolio mix based on their risk tolerance and to possibly further the income potential. JourneyGuide shows you how to make changes to increase your clients’ security.

You can show that client how much that they will be able to spend, given any market condition, because we run 5,000 market simulations in our Monte Carlo simulation to ensure that the client has confidence in their plan. Call us today at (800) 589-3000 or download a sample report to see how you can give your clients the confidence they need in retirement and increase your annuity sales. Your peers are doing it, and you can too.

Transformational Tactic

With the right resources, it is possible to develop a more secure retirement for your clients while increasing your annuity sales. Learn how to help project possible scenarios in as little as 10 minutes.

About the Author

Mike McGlothlin, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF®, NSSA® is a bestselling author, industry-renowned speaker and expert in growth strategies for financial advisors.

Today as the Executive Vice President of Retirement for Ash Brokerage, he leads 65 direct reports who have grown the business line to one of the largest wholesaling teams in the Brokerage General Agency space.

As a professional guide, he can help any financial advisor looking to create exponential revenue growth, to find new clients and better streamline their operations by incorporating simple methodologies and proven models.