Dad's Insurance Starter Kit

Sam Rocke   |   June 2021   |   1-minute read

When we think of Dad, we may think of hammers, drills and lawnmowers. Typically, when it comes to keeping things functioning at home, dads are the resident handyman.

Dad’s are also typically known to protect the family from large bugs, jars that just won’t open and anything that leaks or is clogged. But there is another major way a father can protect his home and family.

We call this “Dad’s Insurance Starter Kit” … and yes we completely made that title up.

Disability Insurance

We will assume you have insured your car and maybe your cell phone. Now it’s time to buy insurance for your paycheck.

A parent’s paycheck is vital for the entire family, and not just for necessities. If there’s an accident or illness, or even untimely death, a family won’t be able to enjoy the lifestyle that they have worked for and been accustomed to.

How long would your family be able to keep up with all of the bills if you were no longer earning a paycheck?

Term Insurance

You have a family and we know it can be completely overwhelming to even consider you or your partner passing away. While it is hard to think about death, we need to think about life insurance as protecting those who are living after you have gone.

Purchasing a simple term insurance policy can replace lost income and help pay for childcare, cleaning services and anything that would help the household continue to run in the event you were not here.

Advisor Tools

For term insurance, our quoting and application platform takes a lot of the hassle out of the application process. With accelerated underwriting and statistics on which carriers are most likely to accept different underwriting concerns, you’ll get Dad the coverage he needs the first time—with approvals in as quickly as a week. It’s as self-help as you want, with your Ash team ready to step in as soon as you need them.

About the Author

Sam Rocke leads the protection sales, advanced planning and RIA teams at Ash Brokerage. He's driven to produce the best possible results for each individual, family or business by providing objective evaluations of insurance solutions.