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When you join an Ash RICP® study group, you're eligible for peer support, discounts and reimbursement. Working virtually with your study group, you’ll digest course content together while gaining insights and building relationships with your peers. It’s a great way to stay on track for your designation while growing your network.

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Commit to your group to stay on track with weekly Zoom calls to discuss challenging topics

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96% of designees say their RICP® education helps them better serve clients

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What you get from the RICP® study group and The American College of Financial Services:
  • Self-study materials to prepare for group sessions
  • A weekly one-hour virtual group session that covers the core competencies of the RICP® program
  • Access to recordings of all group sessions to review topics and discussion
  • Contact information for other attendees to build relationships and support for the test
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Why you should participate in an Ash RICP® study group
  • 90% pass rate of participants
  • Facilitation of course concepts with industry leaders
  • Share ideas and best practices in a community of like-minded advisors
  • Peer accountability to move efficiently thru the program
  • Save up to 53% on tuition over going directly to The College
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Why Choose the RICP®?
Proven outcomes, strategies and tactics

Having secure retirement income is a key concern for most Americans, but knowing how to generate income streams that last a lifetime is a specialized skill. The RICP® program delivers solution-focused retirement planning education that financial advisors can use to help clients create secure, sustainable retirement income.

Increased earnings

51% of designees say they’re earning more than those without the RICP®

Powerful service

96% of designees say their RICP® education helps them better serve clients

Stronger values

99.9% of financial professionals say they have never had an ethics violation

One of the most useful programs I’ve done

The RICP was one of the most useful programs I’ve done. Loved it and would re-do it just for the reminder learning. I can’t say enough good things about it.

Mark Ealy Wealth Advisor
Mark Ealy, CFP®, CPA
Professional Wealth Advisor
The best bang-for-your-buck

The RICP® is the best bang-for-your-buck designation that I have. I found it extremely worthwhile and highly recommend it! The RICP® allows financial professionals to expedite their career development and gain a thorough designation in a short period.

Robert Larkin
Prudential Advisor
The most effective of all the designations

I found the RICP® to be the most useful and effective designation of all the designations and finance courses I’ve taken. I was able to increase my personal retirement income, over a 25-year retirement, by more than $100,000, without any additional funding. Everyone can easily find an additional $20,000 or $30,000 of retirement income from the knowledge gained in this designation.

Dana Pelkey
Prudential Advisor
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About the RICP® Designation
The RICP® designation is broken up into three separate courses:
  1. Retirement Income Process, Strategies, and Solutions (HS 353)
  2. Sources of Retirement Income (HS 354)
  3. Managing the Retirement Income Plan (HS 355)

The accredited RICP® program from The American College of Financial Services is tailored for financial professionals seeking to specialize in the retirement income planning field through an online, self-study format that allows you to move through lessons at your own pace to suit your busy schedule.

The RICP® curriculum takes a deep dive into the skills needed to build sustainable, holistic retirement plans, from understanding how to build a retirement income portfolio to managing the plan along the way or handling estate tax issues.

Each course has an outline and on-demand videos to help you progress through the content. If you study on your own for a few hours each week and participate in the weekly study group, you will have a good chance of passing the courses.

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Get your RICP® Designation
Just $1,417 (53% off tuition!)

Through Ash's discount, you pay $2,290 upfront to The College, with a $837 reimbursement upon completion of the course and an active annuity carrier contract through Ash Brokerage.

The three courses that make up the RICP® designation are normally $2,695 when purchased in a package. Through Ash’s discount code, you get an instant 15% discount for registering, plus the opportunity to earn 7837.30 upon completion of the program. The Ash virtual study groups are included in your registration at no additional cost.

If you’re on the fence, you can purchase the courses individually for $845.75 per course (normally $995) using Ash’s discount code. As you complete each course and are contracted through Ash Brokerage with at least one annuity carrier, Ash Brokerage will reimburse 33% of your expenses.

See the FAQs for additional discount details. Promotion may not be combined with any other promotional offers. Company restrictions may apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions
We're ready to study with you!
Is this designation just going to tell me to sell annuities?

Retirement planning is about more than selling annuities. The Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) designation from The American College of Financial Services takes a deep dive into the skills needed to build sustainable, holistic retirement plans, from understanding how to build a retirement income portfolio to managing the plan along the way or handling estate tax issues.

Who is the accreditation through?

Holding the highest level of academic accreditation, The American College of Financial Services is the nation’s largest nonprofit educational institution devoted to financial services. In fact, The College has educated nearly one in five financial advisors across the United States. The College provides premium financial planning designations, including the ChFC®, CLU®, RICP®, CAP®, and WMCP®. Accredited master’s degree programs and CFP® certification education programs are also available. Learn more at

What other requirements are there to hold an RICP® designation?

There are no prerequisite courses required before you can begin the RICP® program, but three years of experience in financial planning or a related profession ARE required to use the designation.

To receive the RICP® designation, you must:

  1. Successfully complete the three required courses
  2. Agree to comply with the American College Code of Ethics and Procedures

Participation in the annual Professional Recertification Program (PRP) is required to maintain the designation. For more information, see the American College Continuing Education (CE) page.

What is included in the fees and discount?

Tuition covers all College course fees, your final exam, and course materials:

  • Downloadable companion content for easy following
  • On-demand video lectures on retirement income and financial planning
  • Expert interviews with retirement planning thought leaders
  • Practice exams to test your understanding of the material
  • Assessment questions to evaluate your learning progress

The Ash Brokerage Study Group is offered at no additional cost for advisors who are registered with The College for the RICP® courses.

The student will pay all tuition and fees directly to The American College of Financial Services at the time of registration. Ash Brokerage is not a party to the transaction between The College and the student, and has no financial responsibility or liability related to such transaction. All Ash Brokerage's pricing and discounts are based on a discount off the 2024 standard retail pricing, seen below.

The standard 2024  retail tuition for a single RICP® course is $995. You must use Ash's code while registering to receive a 15% instant discount. After each course is passed, Ash will reimburse 33% off the discounted price — currently $279.10 per course. You must have an active annuity contract through Ash Brokerage to receive the reimbursement.

 The standard 2024 retail tuition for the RICP®  three-course package is discounted at $2,695, but Ash will still reimburse the full $279.10 per course.

Option #1: Upfront Payment

  • $2,695 3-course package with a 15% American College discount = $2,290.75 paid to American College
  • Reimbursement of $279.10 per course (with an annuity carrier contract through Ash Brokerage) = $837.30 reimbursement
  • Total paid by you: $2,290.75 – $837.30 = $1,417.45 for three courses
  • Total saved by you: $404.25 instant discount + $837.30 reimbursement = $1,241.55

Option #2: Per Course Payment

  • $995 per course at 15% American College discount = $845.75 per course paid to American College ($2,537.25 total)
  • Reimbursement of 33% (with an annuity carrier contract through Ash Brokerage) = $279.10 reimbursement per course
  • Amount paid by you per course: $845.75 - $279.10 = $566.65 per course
  • Total paid by you: $1,699.95 for three courses
  • Total saved by you: $447.75 instant discount ($149.25 per course) + $837.30 reimbursement ($279.10 per course) = $1,285.05

How long will I have to study each week?

If you study for a couple of hours each week on your own and take advantage of the 1-hour study group each week you should have no problems passing the course.

The coursework was created with working professionals in mind. The program is available online and contains video lectures and articles broken into workable sections great for quick study. Many students are able to study as they commute on public transit; others make room after work a couple of nights per week, while other students will carve out time on the weekends.

How many CE credits will I receive for completing the RICP® courses?

The CE credit value of RICP® courses depends upon your individual state. For more information, see The College CE Credit Listing page or check your state’s guidelines.

How long is the RICP® test?

The RICP® designation is broken up into three separate courses. Each course in the RICP® program has a 2-hour exam with 100 multiple-choice questions. Testing is conducted at Pearson VUE testing centers.

What is covered in the three RICP® courses?

HS 353 Retirement Income Process, Strategies and Solutions

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the steps in creating an effective retirement income plan
  • Identify retirement income needs, objectives, and goals by evaluating the client's current situation
  • Determine how to choose the appropriate retirement income strategy for your clients
  • Evaluate income tax, estate issues, retirement risks, and other threats to an effective retirement income plan
  • Integrate risk management tools, products, and strategies to create an effective retirement income plan

HS 354 Sources of Retirement Income

The second of the program's three courses explores sources of retirement income in depth. After completion, you should be able to:

  • Recommend the optimal age to claim Social Security benefits as appropriate for each client's situation
  • Help the client evaluate the factors to consider when determining an appropriate retirement age
  • Understand the role of annuities in a retirement income plan
  • Have a better understanding of how executive benefits and retirement benefits for federal and military employees fit into the plan
  • Understand the different ways that life insurance can be used in planning and how to address the retirement needs of the small business owner
  • Understand how to build a retirement income portfolio
  • Become more familiar with the latest research on strategies for ensuring that retirement assets last a lifetime

HS 355 Managing the Retirement Income Plan

The third course in the RICP® series focuses on initial and ongoing retirement income plan management. This knowledge will help you:

  • Choose the appropriate tax-efficient distribution options from a retirement plan
  • Help a client create a health expense budget and navigate the many decisions regarding Medicare and other health care options
  • Help a client prepare for their long-term care needs
  • Navigate retirement housing decisions and address home equity strategies
  • Identify the key ethical issues in retirement income planning
  • Create and manage retirement income portfolios appropriate for each client's situation
How long does it take to get the RICP®?

Most successful students complete the RICP® program in 12 months or fewer.

As part of the Ash Brokerage Study Group, you will collaborate with peers to move through the program efficiently with accountability to pass each course together. Your group will meet regularly to discuss practical applications of course concepts and openly share ideas. To keep you on track, your course “window” is always the remainder of the month you enrolled, plus four months. You can reopen your window if you do not complete your course exam within the allotted time.

How is RICP® perceived in the market?

Many of the most established and respected financial services firms recognize RICP® and encourage their people to pursue this designation. Since its inception in 2012, more than 15,000 individuals have signed up for RICP®. There is a clear need for expertise in retirement income, and as more people complete their RICP®, the designation’s general public awareness will also increase.

*Data source: The American College Designation Outcomes Study.