Fresh leads. Delivered in less time.

If you want to increase your revenue, a strong lead generator is essential. You need a resource that resonates with the clients that fit your business. But leads are traditionally expensive. Do these sound like you?

I don't have a giveaway

A proven organic lead generator takes time and resources to create — time you don’t have to spare

I'm tired of lists

Purchased leads are often shared with other advisors — putting you at a disadvantage right off the bat

I'm done hosting events

Even if you get people to attend webinars and seminars, it’s hard to get them to take action afterward

I'm not converting leads

Moving someone from a prospect into a paying client is an uphill battle if you don't have the right tools

RET tools
There's a better way

If you’re tired of paying too much for lists, having low attendance at webinars, or sending emails that nobody replies to — we hear you. And there is a more efficient way to generate leads.

Lead Generation that Works For You

The Retirement Readiness Calculator — powered by JourneyGuide — is a proven, client-friendly lead generation calculator. Branded with your information, your future clients will quickly find out if they have a gap between their current lifestyle and their retirement portfolio. They get answers. You get A-list leads, with information on account balances and how to improve their retirement outcome.


Create conversations that convert your prospects to clients


Find new assets to manage from your current clients


Add a banner to your website, newsletters and social media


Elevate your lead potential by combining the tool with paid ads

Retirement Readiness Calcuator Ash Brokerage Journeyguide Lead Gen Graph
Capture account information
Quickly move from warm lead to active clients

It's hard to get prospects to tell you about their accounts. But it's easy to show them how they can improve, without ever having to do a discovery call.

As the users calculate how much they can safely spend during retirement, we capture their account information in a secure database of opportunities. So you not only get names and contact information — you get real account balances and can start planning exactly how to help them take steps to become confident in their plan.

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Powered by JourneyGuide
The best planning software for delivering holistic financial advice

The Retirement Readiness calculator is part of JourneyGuide, a software package that shows clients the changes they can make to improve their chances of getting through retirement without running out of money. After you try the demo calculator, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial

Through an exclusive discount, Ash advisors can get JourneyGuide at a reduced rate. The calculator is just one of the tools you get once you subscribe. With its ease of use, best-in-class output, and annuity integration, JourneyGuide is a powerful tool for retirement planning success.