Retirement Solutions
Starting an Electronic Annuity Application
With an e-App, you can have your client to sign electronically or print the application for them to sign — but everything will be in good order before submission.
3 minutes
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Collecting Signatures
Go Digital, Or Stay Traditional

No matter how your client wants to sign, you should start your application electronically. The tutorials below will walk your through how to complete the process 100% online, or how to print and upload a signed copy of the app back into the Firelight platform.

Retirement Solutions
Collecting an Electronic Signature for an Annuity e-App
With an electronic annuity application, your client can complete the process digitally, with no paper or wet signatures needed. This tutorial walks you through how to access the Firelight platform inside Luma, to send an app for signing via email.
2 minutes
Retirement Solutions
Collecting Wet Signatures for an Annuity e-App
With an electronic annuity application, you can still have your client sign with a wet signature. This tutorial shows you how to print a completed e-App form and upload the signed pages into the Luma platform for submission to a carrier.
3 minutes
Team Working At Computer
Client-Facing Tutorial
How to Digitally Sign an Annuity e-App

This tutorial walks clients through how to complete an annuity application through the online Firelight portal. Once you've created a signature link for your client, send them this video to demonstrate how they can review the information in their app and add an electronic signature.

Need Additional Help?

We love to walk through applications! If you hit an error, aren't sure what to do next, or just want a friendly voice to guide you, give us a call!

Benefits of e-Apps
Ready to streamline your application process?
Never miss a question

No more incomplete forms! The system will highlight any incomplete fields in red, and show you which pages have incomplete information, so you can get to 100%.

Fill in fewer boxes

Applications are repetitive. With an e-App, you fill in your information once and the system will copy the information through any duplicate field throughout the app.

Cut your time in half

Many carriers are prioritizing electronic applications over paper. By submitting an e-App, you get better service and get a client's annuity contract finalized faster.

Frequently Asked Questions
Our Best Tips and Tricks for Success
How does an e-App save me time?

With an electronic application, once you have entered information for one field, it will copy to other similar fields.

For example, on most annuity applications, you can provide a P.O. Box as your client’s mailing address, but the application will require a physical address to be listed as well. With an e-App, you can check a box to automatically fill in the residence address with a previously entered mailing address. No more double entry!

How does an e-App help eliminate errors?

Sometimes an application can be rejected based on a checkbox not being selected. With paper, it often isn't caught until the carrier review. With an e-App, the system won't let you complete the application with an error.

For example, on the disclosures page, the insurance broker and applicant must select the same answer in order for the application to be in good order. With the electronic process, you can simply check the insurance broker boxes, and the applicant boxes will fill in with the same selection.

Why is my application not showing 100%?

Sometimes, you may complete each page, but notice the progress bar is not reading 100%. In that case, double-check the sidebar to see if any pages are still showing the orange icon. If so, click on that page and look for a box highlighted in red, then fill in or correct the information.

How long will an unsubmitted e-App stay active?

Applications will save for 60 days. After 60 days of no activity, they will be deleted.