Don't Guess. Know.

Sell long-term care the smart way — by letting your client provide medical and health history details directly to Ash Brokerage through a secure, digital process. We'll use the informal information to:

Improve Client Experience

Armed with predictive information, you will have better answers to provide your client

Avoid Unnecessary Delays

Set realistic expectations with clients and uncover underwriting challenges early on

Increases Your Success Rate

With a preview before a price, you'll create happier clients who say "yes" with less stress

Set Up Your Access

Schedule a 30-minute virtual meeting with our Onboarding team. We'll get your account set up and help you send your first LTC PreView questionnaire to yourself or a client.

LTC Pre View Long Term Care Field Underwriting Ash Brokerage
Keep the Medical Records At Home

Your clients can complete the questionnaire in their own home or on the go at their convenience. They just need the following:

• Current medication information, including the name(s) and dosage
• List of any medical procedures, including dates, within 10 years
• Past and present medical diagnoses

Watch a Demo Get Help with Setup
LTC Pre View Advisor Portal Long Term Care Field Underwriting Ash Brokerage
Try It On Your Next Case
Access LTC PreView Now

A free account on the Ash Brokerage Advisor Portal is required to access LTC PreView.

You can access LTC PreView on the Portal homepage from the Tools menu. You can also send a test PreView to yourself to review the process before using it with your clients.

Get an accurate snapshot of health history

The reality is, everyone thinks they are healthy, but many clients will not qualify for Preferred pricing. Don’t create a false expectation based on a best-case scenario! Stop looking for the perfect client and start looking for perfectly set expectations!

Long-Term Care
Get Accurate Pricing and Faster Placement
If you are having your clients apply for LTC insurance without knowledge of their medical history, it's as good as asking a Magic 8 Ball. Ash's LTC PreView tool takes the guessing out of LTC underwriting and helps increase your odds of success.
1 minutes
Long-Term Care
LTC Preview — Don't Guess. Know.
Field underwriting for long-term care insurance should always start with accurate information. The more we know upfront, the better we can quote a price and design a plan that will get issued. Get it right, right from the start, with LTC PreView.
1 minutes