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I help advisors in the Northeast (PA, MA, ME, NH, VT) make sure their clients know they are set up for a successful retirement. Working together, we can optimize retirement income and create new, guaranteed sources of income — so clients don’t wake up in the middle of the night wondering what the next market correction could mean to their retirement.

Let's talk solutions

See how we can optimize existing assets into a better return or a guaranteed income stream that can’t be outlived.

Let's talk leverage for retirement income

From accumulation to decumulation, wealth transfer strategies or making up for a Social Security shortfall, annuities are invaluable tools for retirement. Schedule a call to see how we can optimize existing assets into a guaranteed income stream that can’t be outlived.

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My specialties
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Tax efficiency

By shifting assets in your clients' portfolios, we can help avoid costly mistakes and stretch the money they worked a lifetime to earn.

Conservative growth

Through the use of safe and effective strategies, we'll help maximize your client's retirement income for the long-term.

Guaranteed income

See how an annuity can create an additional income source that your clients can't outlive, so they can get the flexibility and liquidity needed.

Longevity planning

We can help develop comprehensive strategies to make sure your clients have enough income for their entire retirement.

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