The Basics of Legacy Planning

June 2020  |  31 minutes

Everyone is philanthropic. Everyone leaves a legacy at their passing and your resources are going to go somewhere. They will typically go one of three places.

1. Family 2. Charity 3. IRS

The question is who do you want your legacy to go to? You can control this and now is the time to start thinking about who you would like to leave your legacy. Legacy planning can sound like many different things. You may even wonder what that means. How do I pass on my values, resources and a part of myself to the next generation? Watch as we talk about how to start planning for the next generation in your family.

About the Host

Sam Rocke leads the protection sales, advanced planning and RIA teams at Ash Brokerage. He's driven to produce the best possible results for each individual, family or business by providing objective evaluations of insurance solutions.