Retirement Solutions for Business Owner Clients

September 2021  |  42 minutes
This webinar is for financial professionals only.

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Give Your Business (And Theirs) An Extra Lift

It's easy for clients to develop tunnel vision while building a business. By focusing on the business needs of right now, many business owners have failed to prepare for the needs for the future — both individual and corporate. And that’s where you come in. With Ash's Business Owners Solutions platform, you can provide the principals with services beyond traditional retirement income planning. Watch to uncover new opportunities, including:

  • Finding cost-effective ways to manage Worker’s Compensation risk
  • De-risking a pension portfolio through a variety of techniques
  • Delivering tax-deferred installment income on the proceeds of closely held business sales

You'll walk away with the knowledge to tap into new markets and easily find new clients.

About the Host

Jim Martin specializes in income planning, practice management and business development. With extensive public speaking experience, he has presented at countless seminars for both financial professionals and their clients. For more than 35 years, Jim has partnered with financial service professionals to meet the accumulation, retirement and income needs of their clients.

Featured Speaker

Steve has a passion for helping design and execute cost-effective pension risk transfer strategies for frozen defined benefit plans. With more than 30 years of financial services experience in national and regional capacities, he also delivers comprehensive settlement plan solutions for personal injury, medical malpractice, workers' compensation and other structured case situations, including attorney fees and installment sales.