Redefining the Optimal Retirement Income Strategy

November 2023  |  59 minutes
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Retirement success looks different today.

Despite advances in computing power and extensive research, income planning tools have only evolved modestly over the last 30 years. That leaves you making an educated guess and providing overly simplistic advice on one of the most important (and expensive) decisions made by households.

Let’s close the gaps. David Blanchett brings his wealth of research on retirement models to this educational webinar, providing knowledge and inspiration to:

  • Create better projections that increase retirement success
  • Guide planning beyond the probability of success-related metrics
  • Understand the elasticity of dynamic spending
  • Quantify your client's satisfaction across outcomes
  • Implement new assumptions and metrics in your current tools

No one knows exactly what to expect in the future. But with better metrics, we can achieve better results.

About the Host

Mike McGlothlin, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, LUTCF®, NSSA® is a bestselling author, industry-renowned speaker and expert in growth strategies for financial advisors.

Today as the Executive Vice President of Retirement for Ash Brokerage, he leads 65 direct reports who have grown the business line to one of the largest wholesaling teams in the Brokerage General Agency space.

As a professional guide, he can help any financial advisor looking to create exponential revenue growth, to find new clients and better streamline their operations by incorporating simple methodologies and proven models.

Featured Speaker

As Managing Director and Head of Retirement Research for PGIM DC Solutions, David Blanchett, PhD, CFA, CFP®, develops research and innovative solutions to help improve retirement outcomes for investors with a focus on defined contribution plans. He is an Adjunct Professor of Wealth Management at The American College of Financial Services and Research Fellow for the Alliance for Lifetime Income.