Ready, Set, Go with Ash Brokerage

January 2023  |  31 minutes
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Get your year in gear with a 30-minute, jam-packed session on the services advisors like you say we do really well!

You'll hear from a cast of Ash presenters, highlighting all of the “did-you-knows” and “don’t miss outs” so you can make the most out of a partnership with Ash Brokerage.

You’ll leave with resources in four key areas to be seen as an insurance expert (even when you're not). We’ll help you think Ash for:

  • Unique approaches to retirement solutions
  • Simple income protection and replacement techniques
  • Advanced strategies for legacy and wealth planning
  • Top-tier service for back office support and business growth

Accomplish more for your clients than ever before by discovering the full range of resources available to you. Watch it now on-demand!

About the Host

As CEO of Ash Brokerage, Tim has fostered an environment of success with team-focused empowerment and client-centered service. Tim assumed leadership of the company in 1997. Since that time, the company has grown to become a trusted name in insurance brokerage. It expanded from 50 employees in one location to more than 400 employees in offices across the country.

Featured Speakers
Mike McGlothlin
EVP, Retirement
Ash Brokerage
Bryan Langdon
National Spokesperson, LTC
Ash Brokerage
Randy Kitzmiller
Retirement Income Consultant
Ash Brokerage
Carly Rosswurm
Director, Medicare Solutions
Ash Brokerage
Jonathan Knowles
Director, Protection Sales Support
Ash Brokerage
Brian Lauber
SVP, Disability Insurance and LTC
Ash Brokerage
George Wilkins
Sales Development Specialist, DI
Ash Brokerage
Sam Rocke
EVP, Protection Sales
Ash Brokerage
Austin Ash
Director, Advisory and Strategic Partnerships
Ash Brokerage
Thomas Losher
Advanced Markets Analyst
Ash Brokerage
Haley Chaires
Director, Case Management
Ash Brokerage
Kristin Snyder
VP, New Business & Underwriting
Ash Brokerage
Jason O’Barr
Regional Vice President, Protection Products
(260) 478-0636
Jim Dobler
Director, Retirement Advanced Markets and Planning
Ash Brokerage
Kim Carpenter
Client Experience Leader
Ash Brokerage