Produce Better Term Insurance Outcomes

January 2022  |  32 minutes

Informed decisions drive better results.

Let's start with a riddle: There are two platforms that each return a life insurance quote. One uses prior quotes to improve the likelihood of getting coverage, while the other simply return rates. Which would you use?

Direct your quotes to align on more than just price. Join us to see why Ash Express is the proven platform for guiding cases to a successful outcome, with:

  • Streamlined accelerated underwriting (AU) screening, leading to 16% more AU submissions
  • Placement probability custom to each client's unique health profile
  • Shorter cycle time and fewer requirements on cases — save an average of 5 days

We'll show how to use the platform, as well as stories of how advisors like you have leveraged the platform to provide a less-intrusive customer experience with fewer back-end surprises.

About the Host

Sam Rocke leads the Protection division at Ash Brokerage. He's driven to produce the best possible results for each individual, family or business as he assists by providing objective evaluations of new or existing coverage.

Featured Speaker

Maria Sarci is dedicated to providing leadership and development that makes it easier for our clients to focus on protecting the lives of others.

Featured Speaker

Todd Ruplinger continuously pushes the business boundaries and challenges long-held assumptions within the insurance industry. During his career, Todd has created multiple insurance platforms, all of which simplify the process for various roles including consumers, agents, administrators, carriers and institutions.