No-Load IUL - The New Product Frontier

April 2021  |  41 minutes
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Insurance solutions can work for fee-based advisors. The industry continues to evolve. Sometimes a commission payment doesn’t fit your business model. But, a product may still be in the best interest of your client. And insurance shouldn’t be something you refer to an associate or avoid discussing. So, we created a better way. Learn about an exciting new IUL product, exclusive to Ash Brokerage. With proper positioning, we believe it has one of the most transparent and low-cost solutions in the industry. You'll get the details on the product, as well as:

  • Leveraging flexible premiums to meet your client goals
  • How indexing affects accumulation value, and why it works
  • Different index interest-crediting strategies

When it comes to achieving success for your clients, this new IUL could be one of your most valuable tools.

About the Host

Sam Rocke leads the protection sales, advanced planning and RIA teams at Ash Brokerage. He's driven to produce the best possible results for each individual, family or business by providing objective evaluations of insurance solutions.

Featured Speaker

Thomas Losher , CFP® helps simplify the technical aspects of cash value life insurance and change the broad misperceptions that exist around life insurance. As an Advanced Markets Analyst, he bridges the gap between highly complicated concepts and the unique uses of life insurance solutions.