How to Master Benefit Restoration Planning

February 2023  |  26 minutes
This webinar is for financial professionals only.

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This is a webinar for people who want to implement restoration planning with business-owner clients.

We're bringing in our partner from Principal to have a discussion about the best ways to:

  • Target the right clients for a discussion
  • Position an opportunity and proposal
  • Collect all the necessary information
  • Avoid common sale killers

Attendees should have a general knowledge of how restoration planning can benefit small- to medium-sized owners and retain top employees. If that's you, sign up for this 201-level session and you'll walk away with the information you need to offer this important solution.

Featured Speaker

Jack has spent his career helping business owners strengthen their retirement. Through advanced life insurance planning strategies, Jack guides advisors to find new opportunities using a variety of business market solutions.