Creating Urgency in Trust-Based Estate Planning

May 2023  |  37 minutes
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Now’s the time to navigate trust financing options … but why?

With historically high lifetime estate tax exemptions scheduled to sunset, your wealthiest clients need help prioritizing trusts and life insurance. The funding strategy they use can be a big decision and impact the overall estate plan.

Watch this captivating discussion on trust financing options that accelerate your clients' decision-making process. You’ll walk away understanding:

  • Strategies to capitalize on current high estate tax exemptions
  • How rising interest rates and market volatility affect decision making
  • Why incorporating a financing technique is the key to get clients to act now

This is your opportunity to adopt fresh techniques that can support your high-net-worth clients’ estate planning goals, while considering current macroeconomic factors.

About the Host

Through analytical expertise, Steven Gates supports advisors serving high-net-worth clients and business owners. Using customized modeling, he creates insurance-driven strategies for wealth transfer, business protection and charitable leverage. Steven is the go-to guy when you need a unique blend of technological expertise, industry knowledge and entrepreneurial drive.

Featured Speaker

Caroline Brooks has a passion for taking complex concepts and ideas and making them simple and actionable. As a life insurance leader and experienced attorney, with a demonstrated history in the financial services industry, she is skilled in trusts and estates, tax law, advanced life insurance design and business planning. Caroline is also a published author and accomplished public speaker.