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Getting Started
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Gather Information

You'll need to obtain a current copy of your client’s annual annuity statement in order for us to get the correct contract details

Review Current Needs

Every analysis starts with discussing how your client's goals may have changed — start by completing the Annuity Audit Fact Finder

Put Us To Work

We'll do all the hard work of reviewing the annuity contract and providing a detailed report

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Sample Outputs
All the information. One spot.

After the analysis is complete, you’ll receive a comprehensive report of summaries and recommendations. You’ll see whether the existing contract is still a good fit, or if there is another solution that would better fit their current needs.

Our team will review the report with you and discuss the results – so you have all the information you need to make a recommendation to your clients.

Why Annuity Audit
Uncover more options

After an Audit, your client will potentially be able to:

  • Lock-in gains
  • Diversify assets
  • Increase guaranteed income
  • Reduce portfolio risk
  • Reduce fees
  • Confirm proper beneficiary designation
  • Provide potential tax reductions for beneficiaries
  • Uncover bond alternatives
  • Protect assets in a rising interest rate environment
  • Reduce longevity risk
  • Add optional benefits and riders
Re-Evaluate Your Client's Position

No contract is too outdated. If there’s coverage out there, we can review it. And, when necessary, we’ll find a way to bring it up to speed.

Types Of Annuities
Why clients purchase annuities
Choosing an annuity to reach financial goals

There are many reasons to buy annuities. They can provide guaranteed income for life, a way to provide for loved ones, tax-deferred growth potential and help with long-term care costs.

As your client’s needs and goals evolve over time, their annuity selection should be reviewed to ensure they are aligned for success. The Ash Annuity Audit team will help determine if the current annuity contract still meets the goals of your client or offer solutions that may enhance their evolving needs.