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Annuity Awareness

Mike McGlothlin talks about the importance of annuities in retirement planning.


Longevity and Retirement

Mike McGlothlin talks about the longevity crisis we're facing and what you can do as financial planners to help.


Whiteboard Illustrations

These consumer-friendly concepts will help you think differently about the value of protecting yourself and your family.


LTC Benefits and Features

Having long-term care insurance is more than a financial decision; the benefits can have a great impact on a family.

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Paper checks no longer issued after June 12

All commission payments will be made through EFT

Life Insurance - 05/30/2017

NAIC Introduces Service to Locate Lost Policies

New tool helps find a deceased person's lost life insurance policies and annuities

Industry - 12/07/2016

David Threm Featured in CIO Review

Check out the article: Digital Transformation: Start with Workflow

Industry - 10/14/2016


Blog Message

Why Annuities? Why Now?

Annuities should become a larger part of the product mix for many Americans, especially today.

Blog Message

My Love-Hate Relationship with Term Life Insurance

By its very nature, term insurance is a temporary fix, a Band-Aid. It does have a shelf life that must be paid attention to.

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The Low Interest Rate Opportunity You’re Missing

Low interest rates provide a unique opportunity to create tax efficiencies in income planning.