Your Single Point of Contact for Ash

I am the dedicated, single point of contact for all Prudential advisors. My focus is to help you and your clients achieve your financial goals through analyzing and comparing products and sales concepts available to you. As a former Prudential employee, I bring unique experience and extensive expertise to support you and your clients.

Let's Talk Solutions

I'm always available to help educate you on the latest concepts, unique to your client's situation.

Questions on Retirement Cases?

You also have access to our Retirement Income Consultants, who are divided into territories. Use this map to find your dedicated contact for annuities and other retirement solutions.

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File Share Program
A Consultative Approach for Difficult Cases

When you have a client who has been declined or rated higher than expected with Prudential, other insurance carriers may have more favorable offers. With the File Share Program, it’s easy to share the information you’ve already collected. We’ll shop around for additional solutions and you’ll get an objective analysis from our team of underwriters.

Prudential File Share Program
Use Your Resources
Digital Applications

Our cutting-edge digital application platform is designed to make the term insurance process simple.

Top Solutions

You have access to solutions through more than 80 top-rated insurance carriers.

Case Consultations

I am dedicated to providing reliable service focused on making it easy for you to do business.

Need a Quote? (888) 245-0414
Life Insurance

Ask for the Life Marketing team at ext. 1256 or email

Long-Term Care

Ask for LTC Sales Support team at ext. 1254 or email

Disability Income

Ask for DI Sales Support team at ext. 1255 or email


Ask for the Annuity Case Design team at ext. 1255 or email