The Current State of LTC: Cutting Through the Noise

May 2021  |  33 minutes
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Long-term care coverage is evolving.

There's no dispute — the long-term care insurance market has seen disruption in the past. Clients may have read articles highlighting changes or heard of rates dramatically increasing. But a properly structured policy, with today’s guarantees, can ensure coverage will last and work as planned. Join us for a look into the current state of long-term care. What's available? What makes financial sense? When should your client act? You'll leave with enough knowledge to start and guide the conversation, including:

  • Choosing the proper LTC solution
  • Discussing who is truly impacted by a care event
  • Managing client expectations
  • Understanding what the future holds for LTC
About the Host

Chad Eyrich is the LTC nerd. He not only helps educate advisors and their clients on the importance of care planning, but he also orchestrates a smooth application process from start to finish. He leads Ash's LTC sales team and travels through the United States to present educational seminars on care planning, funding options and alternatives to traditional LTC insurance.

Featured Speaker

Bryan Langdon is passionate about his work – protecting clients and their families. He knows it’s important for people to firmly believe in the solutions they are investing in or providing. That’s why he’s sharing the story of the powerful impact that insurance can create – and how the teams at Ash can help make it happen.