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Retirement Solutions
Retirement Solutions for Business Owner Clients
Many business owners spend so much time growing their business, they fail to prepare for the needs for the future — both for themselves and the business. Watch to learn how clients can maximize deductions when starting a business, transfer risk and have a strategy to exit.
Jim Martin, Steve Pilger
September 2021 • 42 minutes
Life Insurance
The Shift From Guarantees: How to Pivot
The move away from lifetime guarantees makes it necessary to pivot your business in a way that gives your clients upside potential and future flexibility. By leveraging certain IUL and VUL options, such as John Hancock's cash-value-driven products, clients can get more and pay less.
Sam Rocke, Justin Kemp
August 2021 • 31 minutes
Retirement Solutions
Create Liquidity with Income Alpha
There’s a misconception that annuities can limit liquidity. Using our exclusive JourneyGuide software and Income Alpha approach, we’ll demonstrate why annuities allow a portfolio to generate more income while using fewer assets. You'll increase revenue while taking assets out of the account.
Mike McGlothlin, Gary Moorman
August 2021 • 58 minutes
Shifting Risk And Creating a Legacy
Retirement Solutions
Shifting Risk And Creating a Legacy
As problem solvers, it’s natural to want to lock down a plan that meets a client’s goal. But changing conditions require us to revisit solutions and determine if they are still the best choice. New legislation. Tax changes. Interest rates. See how life insurance provides an agile solution.
Mike McGlothlin, Sam Rocke
July 2021 • 41 minutes
Retirement Solutions
Social Security: When Should You Start Receiving Retirement Benefits?
With pensions disappearing, Social Security remains the major source of guaranteed lifetime retirement income for most Americans. Take time to explore your options and make an informed, well-reasoned decision about when to begin receiving your Social Security retirement benefits.
Randy Kitzmiller, John Duchien, Steve Schankerman
June 2021 • 62 minutes
Life Insurance
No-Load IUL - The New Product Frontier
Yes, insurance solutions can work for fee-based advisors. Learn about an exciting fee-based indexed universal life product, exclusive to Ash Brokerage. With flexible premiums and a simple structure, this no-load IUL has one of the most transparent and low-cost solutions in the industry.
Sam Rocke, Thomas Losher
April 2021 • 41 minutes
Practice Management
Prospering in a Post-COVID World
Instead of lamenting change, we can embrace it and gain greater success. Inspirational speaker and behavioral finance expert Joe Jordan discusses the power of gratitude in growing your business, how to develop client centricity and why our services were made for markets like this.
Mike McGlothlin, Joe Jordan
April 2021 • 62 minutes
Life Insurance
Income Tax Alpha: Life Insurance as a Tax-Diversification Tool
Can life insurance be more effective than nonqualified taxable investments? We think so. Life insurance has unique tax benefits unlike any other financial instrument. Properly leveraged, you can position assets to avoid unnecessary income taxes and diversify your client’s tax position.
Sam Rocke, Ryan Patton
March 2021 • 34 minutes
Retirement Solutions
How to Create Tax-Free Retirement Income Utilizing Housing Wealth
For clients nearing retirement, housing can be both their largest asset and their largest expense. Break the misconceptions around a home equity conversion mortgage (HECM). See how it can work to lower monthly expenses while creating guaranteed tax-free retirement income.
Mike McGlothlin, Susan Pomfret
March 2021 • 48 minutes
Life Insurance
Planning Ahead for High-Net-Worth Clients
Your best clients usually don’t like writing big checks. Whether it’s insurance premiums or estate taxes, you help keep assets earning more and ready to transfer to the next generation. Watch this discussion to help high-net-worth clients turn these potential obstacles into opportunities.
Sam Rocke, Chad Eyrich, Tim Kukieza
January 2021 • 48 minutes
Life Insurance
Impact More Lives With Ash Brokerage
If you’re passionate about impacting lives, we can help. In just 20 minutes, you’ll learn how Ash Brokerage can strengthen your client relationships and bridge a gap to the next generation. We cover recent innovations and resources to help you grow your business with ease.
Maria Sarci, Sam Rocke, Matt Erpelding, Chad Eyrich
November 2020 • 20 minutes
Long-Term Care
The Importance of a Long-Term-Care Plan
There’s one financial planning challenge that extends far beyond your income and assets: longevity. Planning for long-term care is about more than money. This is a discussion about health, lifestyle, family and how you want to prepare for the unexpected.
November 2020 • 39 minutes