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Ways to Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing with Mitch Anthony

Mitch Anthony has been creating innovative discovery approaches for financial advisors to use for more than two decades. He helps advisors understand the necessity for listening and hearing people, then provides ideas and solutions for doing just that. He’s helped his local community significantly by establishing their first suicide/crisis hotline and saw first-hand the need for listening to people during their most deep and personal times – much like financial advisors do when listening to their client’s plans, regrets and aspirations.

In this episode, he discusses important mindsets and skills to consider when beginning conversations with people and an approach that will have clients opening up to you. He says that advisors need to understand the importance of getting to the heart before selling a product. Every one of us has a story. And the sooner someone sees you as genuinely interested in hearing theirs, the sooner they’ll trust you, tell you more and permit you to become valuable in their life.

About the Host

Paul Kingsman works directly with advisors who want to grow their protection and retirement income planning practices. Through his speaking, writing and business coaching, Paul helps advisors set up processes to attract quality prospective clients and remain relevant in the ever-changing world of financial services. As a former financial advisor, he understands what works in the real world, teaching practical, actionable solutions to advisors' everyday challenges.

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Mitch Anthony
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