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The Power of a Well-Published Book with Cynthia Zigmund

Having a well-published book that effectively showcases your approach and philosophy can significantly change your business for the better says literary agent and publishing consultant Cynthia Zigmund. But understanding the steps to achieve that is often nuanced and can be overwhelming, especially to people who haven’t done it before. Cynthia discusses the difference between printing and publishing and highlights keys to creating a powerful tool to boost your credibility and perceived expertise. Advisors who want to use a book to showcase their services need to know their audiences’ expectations and understand that creating a successful book requires much more than simply writing a manuscript. Cynthia shares how she and her team at Second City Publishing can help advisors, allowing them to focus on their writing, while the team shepherds everything else.

About the Host

Paul Kingsman works directly with advisors who want to grow their protection and retirement income planning practices. Through his speaking, writing and business coaching, Paul helps advisors set up processes to attract quality prospective clients and remain relevant in the ever-changing world of financial services. As a former financial advisor, he understands what works in the real world, teaching practical, actionable solutions to advisors' everyday challenges.

Guest Speakers
Cynthia Zigmund
Cynthia Zigmund
Founder & President
Second City Publishing