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37 minutes

Financial Wisdom with Bentley Heese, Retirement Income Consultant

Bentley Heese is a Retirement Income Consultant and a proud father of Millennials who is eager to share the financial wisdom he's acquired over the years with younger generations. In this episode, we dive into topics like:

  • As a parent of Millennials, how did you instill good financial awareness and skills in your children from an early age?
  • How do you think finances, budgeting, retirement, etc. has changed between your generation and your children's generation?
  • What can Millennials and Gen Z be doing today to create financial security for themselves in the future?

Connect with Bentley:

If you have questions, email facethefearfw@gmail.com. Find more ways to connect with Face the Fear on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or their website, facethefearfw.com.

Content provided is for informational use only and is not to be constituted as financial advice.

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Guest Speakers
Bentley Heese
Retirement Income Consultant