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A Guide to Income Protection

Disability insurance works for your clients when they can’t. It keeps their families in their homes, children going to school and future plans in motion. This guide walks you through the need for DI, how to identify clients, key questions to ask to start the conversation and next steps.

Why Own an Annuity

There are many reasons to buy annuities. Choosing the right annuity is important in helping clients reach their financial goals. Whether that's income, accumulation, long-term care coverage or legacy planning, a review of their current goals will ensure an alignment for success.

Ash Life Audit Client Letter

Sometimes the hardest part of starting a conversation is expressing the need. This piece outlines the industry improvements and personal and policy reasons to perform a life insurance policy review through the Ash Life Audit platform. No cost — just certainty in uncertain times.

Create a Conversation - CD Alternative

In this conversation card, you're looking for clients with CDs that rollover regularly or where the clients aren't using the funds. Through a multi-year guarantee annuity (MYGA), you can provide principal protection and liquidity with a greater return than a typical CD.

5 Simple Steps to Talk About DI

A DI conversation about paycheck protection doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to be prepared for what clients are likely to say. This five-step plan will give you key questions to ask – and the confidence to bring up disability insurance in your next appointment.

Ash Term Express Client Process

During the Ash Term Express process, it's important to keep your clients informed about next steps. After submitting an application, this flyer will help you explain how the process works and what your client should expect, including the carrier interview, underwriting and approval.

Create a Conversation - Volatile Market 

In this conversation card, you're looking for risk-averse clients who are nearing or currently in retirement. These clients want their money to grow tax-deferred, but feel uneasy about market swings. A fixed indexed annuity (FIA) can help mitigate the risk while offering strong returns.

Create a Conversation - Managing Risk

In this conversation card, you're looking for clients who are concerned about rising rates, inflation or market risk. But they still want higher returns. With a fixed indexed annuity (FIA), clients can have no risk of loss while providing the ability to meet or exceed inflation.

Does This Remind You of Clients

Every product recommendation begins with a conversation. In this cheat sheet, we take five key areas of concern and help you review life events that clients may be working through. The provided discussion points for each can lead to implementing a strategy with an annuity.

Bank Teller Cheatsheet - Questions for Annuity Sales

Don't miss a potential sale! As a bank teller, it can be hard to know what to say to clients to get a referral for retail bankers. This series of topics helps you find key indicators in potential clients, with an easy reference sheet on questions to start the planning process.

What Clients Should Expect with the LTC Underwriting Process

It's important to prepare clients for a successful underwriting outcome. After an application is submitted, many insurance carriers require a phone interview as part of the underwriting process. Here are some things to know to keep the experience positive for your clients.

A Conversation Guide to Long-Term Care

Long-term care planning is changing. Aging and longevity create unique challenges that extend beyond income and assets. Take the first step to explain how LTC can be made simple. This guide walks through talking points covering common client concerns and how to position solutions.