We're Home!

We're Home!

Our move has been years in the making … but after two weeks of packing, unpacking, cleaning and organizing, our Fort Wayne employees are all under the same roof again! As of yesterday (Thursday, May 26), everyone has been officially relocated to our new headquarters in the Ash Skyline Plaza.

Even though construction crews are still putting the finishing touches on the building, it feels good to be home, and we’re thrilled to be a part of downtown Fort Wayne. Fittingly enough, last night Tim Ash was honored with the Maclyn Park Swagger Award from Greater Fort Wayne Inc. Recipients of the award are recognized for helping the city get its “swagger” back.

We may be biased, but we think this building – and Tim’s other efforts downtown – are definitely bringing some swagger! Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself – later this summer, we’re planning a public event so you can see the swagger in person. Until then, take a look at our latest photos.

On our seventh floor, we have a coffee bar, as well as our employee dining and recreation space. In the food serving area, we'll eventually be offering soups, salads and sandwiches for employees to purchase. Yum! 

DSC01772 LR.jpg

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Just around the corner, you can relax in the atrium, which goes up three levels. There's lots of cool, comfortable furniture here so you can work, have a meeting or just relax with an incredible view of the Fort Wayne skyline. 



DSC01779 LR.jpg



Our workspaces aren't all the same, but they all offer plenty of sunlight! The office was designed so every employee is within 50 feet of a window, allowing for more inspiration, creativity and collaboration to flow through our work. You'll also notice different sizes and types of meeting spaces, so we can have a quick chat OR a serious brainstorming session. 

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The Skyline Conference Center can be separated into three separate spaces for meetings, trainings and other special events. This is where we'll gather for our famous all-company Friday Morning Meetings - our first one in this building will be Friday, June 3!




Outside, crews are still working on Skyline Park, our rooftop green space which is scheduled for completion at the end of June. However, our north and south terraces got a boost of green this week with planters that have beautiful flowers and trees. 

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To top things off, all our exterior signs are in place. Just this morning, crews put up the Big Ash Tree - no joke, that thing weighs approximately 1,500 pounds! You can view it from Wayne Street ... or possibly from outer space. Our logo is also proudly mounted on the south terrace - it's not as big, but we think it's just as pretty. 




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