Skyline Garage Awarded Best Project

Skyline Garage Awarded Best Project

Photo by Hoch Associates


Engineering News-Record recently awarded the Skyline Plaza Garage the Midwest's Best Project award for a government or public building. The editors cited the precast construction project in their award, as well as other challenges.

The job began with a coordinated effort to save time, during which the project team determined that using precast engineering and structural elements would help shave 12 weeks off the schedule. Some precast pieces were constructed in a plant nearly two hours away in Indianapolis and staged at a facility two miles from downtown. Nearly 1,300 precast members were then erected at the site after crews had to navigate them into downtown via a busy transportation grid.

The article also highlights the volume of piles supporting the building, which we appreciate considering the garage had to hold our headquarters!

To support the structure, crews installed 1,000 auger cast piles that ranged between 20 ft long and 35 ft long. The auger cast piles support 25 pile caps; the largest of which is supported by 124 auger cast piles and 370 cu yd of concrete. This work was completed quickly and efficiently, allowing construction on the precast portion of the garage to commence during the winter months, saving time and money, according to the project team.

Congratulations to the engineering teams! Read the full article here.