Ash Skyline Plaza

Painting the Skyline


This week, our friends at Weigand Construction caught up with Fort Wayne artist Robert Landis, who was painting a canvas with the Ash Skyline Plaza – and its rather large crane – as his muse. 

This isn’t the first time a crane has inspired him. Robert created a similar painting during construction of the Fort Wayne Public Library. A native of the city, he’s a self-taught artist who has his own program, "Let's Paint a Picture," on the Allen County Public Library's public access channel – you can watch it on Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.

After Robert finished the painting, he dropped it off at the Weigand Construction office at the Ash Skyline Plaza project site office on Wayne Street, where it’s on display. Thank you for the kind gift, Robert! 

 DSC03090.JPG     DSC03102.JPG



A Fresh Look


Sometimes the view from the top isn't the best ... It can be fun to find a fresh perspective! Our friends from Weigand Construction snapped these refreshing photos all around the construction site on Wednesday, June 24. Thanks for the fresh look!

On that day, approximately 100 workers were on site. You'll see below a few of them happened to be installing wall panels called light walls (top photo) with the help of a crane. On another side of the structure, they have what are called spandrel panels (second photo). 

DSC02991 LR.jpg

DSC02953 LR.jpg

DSC02958 LR.jpg

DSC02961 LR.jpg

DSC02990 LR.jpg

DSC02979 LR.jpg

Upward Bound


As work begins on the Ash Brokerage headquarters, which will be situated on top of the parking garage at the Ash Skyline Plaza, crews have finished the north elevator tower. As you can see on the OxBlue construction cam, a Weigand construction banner now proudly hangs there. 


Our friends at Weigand sent us a few pictures from May 28, when they hauled concrete up to build the structure. Some fun facts: The hopper used to hoist the material holds 1.5 yards of concrete and weighs about 6,000 pounds. Also, it took about 250 tons of concrete to construct the north core, whose walls stand about 125 feet above street level. 

Keep looking skyward as construction continues! 

DSC02293 LR.jpg

DSC02298 LR.jpg


View from the Top


In addition to refreshing the Weigand construction camera every few hours, we also send our staff photographer and videographer downtown every couple of weeks for new photos of the Ash Skyline Plaza. 

We have a great bird's eye view from the Fifth Third building to north, and we also get great shots from the ground. It's exciting and exhilarating to watch our skyline reach new heights! Check out their latest below. 







Have you seen the Big Ash Crane?


OK, maybe that's a silly question. If you've been to downtown Fort Wayne in the last week, you know it's hard to NOT notice the huge tower crane at the Ash Skyline Plaza construction site. Some fun facts about what we lovingly call the Big Ash Crane:

  • Height: 220 feet
  • Horizontal boom length: 230 feet
  • Counterweight that offsets the picked load: 45,750 pounds
  • Maximum pick load: 17,600 pounds
  • Length of crane cable: 1,250 feet

Ironically, it took another very large crane to erect this one. Check out these pictures of the process from our friends at Weigand Construction.

 Pile Cap with Tower Crane BaseLR.jpg