Ash Skyline Plaza

More Pieces in Place


With more neighbors and more progress, things are really moving into place at the Ash Skyline Plaza! On Thursday, tax firm DuCharme, McMillen & Associates Inc. announced they will occupy the remaining commercial space available in our building. 

DMA has more than 23 offices throughout the United States and Canada. Their 50 Fort Wayne employees will share the sixth floor of the Plaza with law office Barnes & Thornburg. DMA also plans to expand and create more jobs in the future. 

With DMA’s announcement, the Ash Skyline Plaza’s retail and commercial spaces are full. Our other neighbors include Lake City Bank, DeBrand Fine Chocolates, Skyline YMCA, The Golden and The Find. We can’t wait to welcome everyone this summer! 

Of course, we’re also excited to see more neighbors coming in the adjacent Skyline Tower, a residential, retail and office building being developed by Great Lakes Capital. A Ruth’s Chris Steak House will also be opening there in the fall of 2017. 


If that doesn't get you energized for downtown Fort Wayne, maybe these pictures will! Our photographer went in the building today for a closer look. Check out the progress below!




This is the cyclorama wall in our recording studio. It will provide a seamless background for our videos. 



Crews were applying a membrane at Skyline Park, our rooftop green space on the sixth floor. 












The Skyline YMCA has some great looking flooring ready to go, as well as the start of a desk and lockers. 






The space for DeBrand Fine Chocolates is also starting to come alive! 



Heating Up!


While the weather is warming up outside, progress is heating up inside our new downtown headquarters. Recently, our friends at Weigand Construction were kind enough to take our team members on a tour for pictures of the interior. Clearly, their crews are working hard! 

As you can see below, ceilings and light fixtures are in place, and in most areas, walls are up and ready for paint (or already painted!). The underfloor utilities are coming along on the eighth and ninth floors, with the access flooring and carpet to be installed by the end of the month. 

Crews are also working inside our three-story atrium, as the terrazzo flooring will be installed there soon. Finally, they say our elevators should be fully functional by April - another great sign we're on track to move in before summer! 

Below: Walls, ceilings and the start of flooring - three important elements that are making our building's interior look like a real office. 





Looking up from inside our cafeteria, you can see what will soon be Tim Ash's office. 


Check out the view from inside Tim's office - gorgeous! 


We're so excited to work INSIDE our building, we can't imagine working from the outside like the man below!


This is one of two terraces we'll have on the seventh floor. 


Inside the atrium, walls and stairs are in progress - the terrazzo flooring is next. 


And finally, our incredible view of the downtown Fort Wayne skyline from inside the atrium. 




Barnes & Thornburg Coming to Plaza


“Having the support and commitment of a respected firm like Barnes & Thornburg means a lot to us. It says a lot about their loyalty to Fort Wayne and the impact this building will have on our entire community,” said Tim Ash, CEO of Ash Brokerage.

A fixture of downtown Fort Wayne for 30 years, Barnes & Thornburg is one of the largest law firms in the country, with more than 600 attorneys and other legal professionals nationwide. Their approximately 30 Fort Wayne employees will occupy the south half of the Plaza’s sixth floor, which was built for commercial lease. 

Barnes & Thornburg is scheduled to move in to the Plaza mid-August, while our approximately 250 Fort Wayne employees are planned to move downtown by the end of May. Ash Skyline Plaza also includes a city-owned parking garage, which is now open for monthly parkers and will be open for public parking soon. 

Each of the street-level retail spaces will open at separate times, as construction and details are finalized. Occupants include:

The remaining commercial occupant on the north half of the sixth floor will be announced soon. Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, check out these photos from Tim Ash - he took a tour of the building today with executives Larry Dahl, left, and Jason Grover. 


They spotted the first sign to go up - Lake City Bank! 


Finally, check out this before-and-after shot of the atrium. The glass is in, and it looks magnificent. 

Ash Atrium collage logo.jpg





Picturing the Progress


This week, we got another look at the progress inside the Ash Skyline Plaza. CEO Tim Ash got a tour for construction updates, and our IT team took a technical walk-through to get a feel for the space we'll be occupying soon. 

Below is a look at the Harrison Street Y - the concrete slab is in, and metal studs are next. 



Up on the eighth floor, our friends at BZW Master Painters are doing what they do best!


Here's a look inside our seventh floor cafeteria, which will be open to the floors above.



This shot shows the space for the access flooring. Our cables and wires will be underneath our desks, so the actual floor we'll walk on will be at the level of these windows when completed.


Right now, the green space on the sixth floor is looking pretty white! But, that will change in just a few months. 


Check out even more of the progress below. 







The Block is Booming


Our block is booming! Today, the City of Fort Wayne signed agreements with Great Lake Capital (GLC) to develop the “Skyline Tower,” a residential development that will be constructed next door to our new headquarters.

GLC will invest $40 million to construct 124 apartments, as well as retail and office space totaling 170,000 square feet. Retail space will be located on the first floor, with office space on the second floor, and 10 floors of apartment units.

Tim Ash, Ash Brokerage CEO, is happy to see progress with the project. “We’re excited to have Great Lakes Capital join our efforts to bring growth and energy to downtown Fort Wayne,” he said. “We look forward to having them as neighbors in the Skyline Tower.”

Following the necessary approvals, construction could begin in late summer-early fall. The retail and office spaces could be completed in late summer-early fall 2017, with completion of the residential portion in late 2017-early 2018. 

Also today, the city announced construction of the Skyline Garage is substantially complete. The west side of the garage will open Feb. 1 for monthly parkers from nearby properties who were moved to other parking areas due to construction. 

Beginning Feb. 1, the garage will also be open to customers visiting the new Lake City Bank. The City is in the final stages of determining the timeline for when the garage will be open to the general public. It will likely be in the next month and a half to two months.