Ash Skyline Plaza

Can You Picture It?


With the city-owned parking garage nearing completion, the Ash Skyline Plaza is really starting to take shape! You don't have to visualize the first five levels any more - you can see them for yourself. Though work remains, the last pieces of pre-cast concrete for the garage were placed Friday, Aug. 7, closing off the southwest corner of the structure. 

On top of the garage, work continues on the commercial space for lease (level six) and the Ash Brokerage headquarters (levels seven, eight and nine). Just last week, steel started going into place on the south end of those levels, and the final pieces of steel are scheduled to be in place this fall. 

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From the Inside Looking Out


Last week, we got a great look at our project from the inside. 

First, our photographer and videographer, Dean Oyer and Toby Robles, got an exclusive tour of the Ash Skyline Plaza, walking through the construction site with Weigand Contsturction’s safety manager, Dan Turzillo, and Stacy Hanna, Weigand marketing coordinator. 

Then, Tim Ash and his family got a private tour of the building over the weekend. Check out this picture of Tim with his wife, Libby, and daughters, Lauren and Natasha. 


Right now, there are just over 100 workers on the site. Once work moves indoors, however, that number is expected to double or triple! 

Concrete is seeing some of the biggest action in the building right now. The white plastic sheeting seen in the parking garage helps somewhat control the process – it keeps the concrete from drying out unevenly as it cures. 

On the sixth floor of the building (the top of the parking garage), you can see yellow plastic sheeting with insulated foam underneath. More concrete is being poured directly over that insulation and plastic, which helps keep the building insulated since the exposed parking garage is directly below. 

The Big Ash Crane is still in the middle of the action (literally). We already told you how massive this thing is, so here are a few things you may not know:  

  • The crane operates in two shifts – first shift does a lot of the “heavy lifting” while second shift gets things into place for the next day
  • The first-shift crane operator is a woman – her name is Nancy, and her husband happens to operate a similar crane that’s twice as big!
  • Yes, the operators have to walk up and down those stairs every day

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