Ash Skyline Plaza

Can't Rain on Our Progress


The Fort Wayne (or should we say Fort Rain?) skyline hasn't been as sunny as we'd hoped this summer. But despite all the precipitation, construction is on track at the Ash Skyline Plaza. Crews are five to seven days behind schedule, but they're confident they'll be able to catch up before our target completion in April ... just in time for spring showers, right? At least we'll be inside our new home!

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Painting the Skyline


This week, our friends at Weigand Construction caught up with Fort Wayne artist Robert Landis, who was painting a canvas with the Ash Skyline Plaza – and its rather large crane – as his muse. 

This isn’t the first time a crane has inspired him. Robert created a similar painting during construction of the Fort Wayne Public Library. A native of the city, he’s a self-taught artist who has his own program, "Let's Paint a Picture," on the Allen County Public Library's public access channel – you can watch it on Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.

After Robert finished the painting, he dropped it off at the Weigand Construction office at the Ash Skyline Plaza project site office on Wayne Street, where it’s on display. Thank you for the kind gift, Robert! 

 DSC03090.JPG     DSC03102.JPG